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6 ways to have the BEST Workouts

There are an abundance of different ways to workout, from training style, frequency per week, session lengths; all based upon our individual goals. But there are some absolute basics that everyone can—and should!—apply. I've broken these down into 6 ways to improve your sessions. Let's review them:

Time your rests.

Rest can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, depending on the style of training and goals. Regardless, timing your rest will ensure you are consistent, focused, and not wasting time..

Turn off distractions.

Basically: your phone. Put it on airplane mode, stop scrolling on social media and quit checking your emails. That ish can wait.

Better: use an iPod, not on your phone. This will ensure you’re not lollygagging.

Also: stop taking selfies during your sessions, even if you are on rest. We all know it takes a good 86 tries to get the best angle, so save that to the end.

Follow a program that aligns with your goals.

This should go without saying, but clearly it needs to be said. Why waste your time with workouts if they don’t even match your needs and goals? Do your research online and dig deep to find something that matches your needs.

Level up: hire an educated and qualified coach to take out the guess-work for you.

Fuel for performance & recovery.

Peri-workout nutrition is important (of lesser importance than overall calories and macro targets). I digress, it’s still important to ensure you’re giving your body the quality nutrients and energy it needs in order to have the best workouts.

Also: do a proper warm up and cool down. Priming your body for performance and supporting it’s recovery is literally just as important as the training itself. I have a FREE series called Ready & Recover that you get when you subscribe to my email newsletters.

Get your ish together.

Charge your headphones, don’t forget your socks, fill up your water bottle, double check if you need to bring any added equipment for your session. I know you can agree that getting to the gym and realizing your headphones are dead is a butt-sucky feeling.

Do it for you, not the inspo.

Do your workouts because you want to, not just to get the selfie pics, the IG videos or the recognition. It’s possible to actually have the best workout without the need to post about it on social media.

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