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Online Coaching

Joining our team of clients will set you up for long-term, sustainable success for your lifestyle. Connect with our team of thriving clients and transform together. Programming options include customized nutrition and workout programs for each individual.

Custom programming that's as unique as you

You’re here because you’re tired of those fad diets that seem to work out well at the beginning, but are a means to an end. Constantly having to restrict foods, limit your caloric intake, do lots of unnecessary cardio, and in the end you’re unhappier than when you actually started. Sure, you may have lost some weight, but you also lost some of your happiness along the way as well.


Thankfully, we have different options for nutrition guidance that can help you ditch the diet mentality, eat the foods that you absolutely love, have a good (read: healthy mindset!) relationship with food, and still achieve – and surpass – all of your health, performance, and physique-related goals.


Whether you’re familiar with tracking your macros, or you don’t even know what the heck a macro is, our team promises that we can make this work together as long as you promise to commit.

We focus on foundational habits that help you achieve your goals. We believe that habits and a healthy mindset will guide you on the path to success, and will be a driving force with your success in nutrition (and optional training) programming. All of this guidance is online with our portal system. Weekly check ins are easy to submit with your details to help us review your progress and continue towards your path to success. Workouts are via an online spreadsheet that you can take on your phone to the gym. We have a very extensive library in our portal for exercise videos and other resources for your journey with us.


Watch this video below to learn more about our two long-term nutrition guidance programs.

Our approach to long-term 1:1 coaching

We don't give you a generic meal plan and send you on your way. That doesn't teach you any lifestyle skills other than to follow rules. It doesn't teach you confidence nor independence with nutrition, it doesn't build sustainable habits, and it doesn't build a healthy mindset or relationship with food.

You're better than that, and so are we.

We follow two different approaches to nutrition that have been provide effective and successful by over 400 clients:

  1. Flexible dieting and the process of tracking your macronutrient intake (protein, carbohydrates, fats) via a food logging app and a digital scale

  2. Mindful Portions: a simplified and manageable approach to nutrition based on portion sizes that align with your body's nutritional needs

Both approaches teach you how to make your own choices all while striving towards and achieving your goals. Our coaches work with you one-on-one to create the most sustainable plan for you with so much freedom in control so you can be confident in your choices and our process together.

No fixed meal plans.
No rigid diet rules.
Because we all know that doesn’t work for lifestyle sustainability.

What do our clients look like?

We work with a large demographic of clients, but there’s absolutely some key qualities that we look for in our athletes to ensure we are a great match for success:

  • Understand nutrition and that different foods affect our bodies differently;

  • Able to follow and adhere to recommendations and program guidelines;

  • Willing to learn new techniques and approaches, and trust that I will guide you to success;

  • Able to be honest with me and be comfortable communicating;

  • Understand that I am a coach and that the honest truth may suck hearing, but I promise it’s for your best interest;

  • Familiar with my background, success stories and experience as a coach.


If you believe that this is exactly what you need in order to finally achieve your goals, then we would absolutely love to connect with you! Please complete the contact form below. Please ensure that you have already reviewed both the video on this page and the program details before completing the CLIENT INQUIRY FORM. We want to make sure that we able to connect and discuss what you are interested in before we commit to working together.

What's included?

  • 30 minute introduction video call to connect with your specific coach review goals and application
  • Custom nutrition breakdown (macro targets for FD, portions for MP - adjustments as needed)
  • Sample day of meals to align with your targets (for FD)
  • Comprehensive weekly check-ins via private online client portal (included as a mobile app version for convenient check ins)
  • 30 minute monthly coaching calls to review progress and goals
  • Automatic My Macros+ / FitBit / Apple Watch syncing with online client portal
  • Daily & weekly habit tracking (for accountability)
  • Team building activities and chat threads for nutrition support, recipes, book club and more
  • Convenient and unconditional support from personal coach (portal system, instant messaging via team chat app)

  • 4-8 week custom training phases (adjustments as needed) to match your time and equipment available
  • Access to exercise database with over 450 exercise demonstrations
  • Private team daily mobility programming
  • Video form check reviews
Nutrition only: $210/MONTH (CAD / or ~150/mo USD)
Nutrition & workouts: $250/MONTH (CAD / or ~180/mo USD)
Pricing displayed in USD. Exchange rate to CAD / converted based on your banking preferences. Minimum 4-month commitment required. Payment plan is on a monthly basis, no additional initial fees. No initial lump sum payment. After 4 months, membership shifts to a month-to-month contract plan. No refunds, no exceptions.
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Want to be more independent with your nutrition and not commit to long-term coaching assistance?

 Meet our newest nutrition guidance option: MACROS FOR LIFE
A customized one-time macronutrient adjustment based on your lifestyle and future goals.
We understand that not everyone needs long-term coaching when it comes to nutrition support. We just need a little support in order to ensure we are on the right path for our goals, and that’s what MACROS FOR LIFE is here for.

QUIZ: is CFL Coaching is right for you?

Still unsure about what you need and how we can help you? Take this quiz to find out where you are and how we can match you to achieving your goals!

Meet our current coaches

Take it from a plate of tacos; more is better! Courtney has 3 incredible coaches at her side to help more clients live a nourished, strong and confident lifestyle. All with proper certifications, our team is here to support you and help you to achieve your goals!

When you commit, you will be paired with a coach who best fits your style and needs. But either way, you get to connect with all of us throughout your journey!

Click on any photo to learn more about each coach.

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Nutrition & Fitness

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Nutrition & Fitness

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Nutrition & Fitness

Ready to join COURTNEY FOR LIFE? Complete this form and connect with Courtney.

Let's talk about your nutrition (and strength training) experience before committing to any programs. I always prefer to connect with Athletes prior to programming to ensure we are a suitable fit together and that we are best set up for success!

How important are these goals to you right now?
NotMaybeSomewhatVeryAll in!
How confident are you to commit to this support?
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Thanks for submitting! You can expect to hear a reply from Courtney within 24 hours. If you do not hear from her, please check your junk mail or kindly send a follow-up message to to ensure it was properly sent!


Looking for Prep Coaching?


Pre-Prep Coaching is an intensive and lucrative 6-month coaching opportunity for women who are interested in bodybuilding competitions and want to build foundational habits for a successful prep.


This is not competition prep coaching, but the foundational framework encompassing nutrition, training, mindset, habits, boundaries and consistency.


Pre-Prep Coaching includes:

  • Setting a foundation for lifestyle habits, mindset, consistent action, and common protocols

  • Understanding and applying training variables with intensity, developing an improvement in muscle connection, following specificity with programming based on physique needs

  • Adherence to nutrition protocols

  • Establishing and validating your why as to why you want to compete/step on stage

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