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Imagine actually stepping into the version of yourself that you dreamed of?

Having the physique you drooled for and an unshakeable, confident mindset?

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Break through self limiting beliefs and discover how strong you can be.


Adapt habits and a schedule that ensures you can achieve and maintain your goals.


Discover what your body needs to be nourished and healthy without restriction.


Create a more energetic and stronger physique to look as good as you feel.

Foundation Phase

  • Improve current lifestyle and improve upon foundational habits

  • Begin to work through self limiting beliefs, barriers and personal challenges

  • Develop understanding for nutrition tracking and create consistency

  • Rebuild training skills, movement patterns and progressive overload

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"You are giving me the tools and support I need to succeed and I can’t think of anything more. The [video] conversation yesterday was so helpful … really grateful we have those check ins (in addition to our virtual weekly’s) and form checks … these are game changers!"

Morgan S.

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Join the CFL App today and start building a stronger physique on your own terms!

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Work alongside one of our educated coaches to achieve a full body transformation.


Take our FREE quiz to see how CFL Coaching can help you unlock your ultimate goals.

What's included:

  • Welcome call to establish goals & plan

  • Custom nutrition targets

  • Sample meal day

  • Customized progressive workout plan

  • 500+ video private exercise library

  • Daily mobility program

  • Workout video form assessments

  • Comprehensive online weekly check-ins 

  • Monthly individual coaching calls

  • Monthly team group calls

  • Habit creation, building and tracking

  • Mindset and lifestyle development

  • Team activities and chat threads for support, recipes, hype, motivation and more

  • Convenient and honest support from personal coach (portal system, instant messaging in app)

Areas of emphasis:

Tracking awareness: understand fundamentals of tracking nutrition correctly; food log entries are measured properly and have all necessary data accounted for.​

Consistency: meal preparation skills; intake timing, quality, and even ‘how’ you eat the food matter (mindfulness.)

Mindset development: breaking limits from habits and self talk, overcoming perceived challenges and excuses; developing willpower and autonomy.

Boundaries and schedule management: learn to prioritize protocols into daily life; set and adhere to boundaries to elevate your level of success that's within reason.

Training intensity: enjoy training, understand movement patterns and develop mind-muscle connection; know how/when to push harder when appropriate, rely on yourself for motivation, and adhere to a structured program.

Protocols in our approach:

  • Flexible dieting (macro tracking)

  • Mindful eating (visually tracking)

  • Transitional nutrition protocols

  • Pre & post natal coaching (lifestyle, nutrition, training)

  • Menopause coaching (nutrition, training, behavior change)

  • Physique, bodybuilding, and powerlifting training

  • Health mindset coaching and NLP techniques

  • Supplementation support

  • Developing mental toughness

  • Habit development

Beyond our scope:

We do not encourage or promote eating disorders, risk serious health concerns or push anyone beyond ethical and healthy boundaries. We do not force meal plans, restrictive diets or any extreme protocols.​

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