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CFL App - Monthly Challenge

Every month you have the chance to win an entire year of free access into the CFL App.

It's as easy as committing to a fitness routine that works for you and you can win!

Workout throughout the month, share about it, follow through, and a new winner is chosen every single month. That means, you get a new chance to win each month.

Who can join?

Anyone who’s using the app can join the challenge, whether you’re a current app member or want to sign up solely for a chance to win.

What’s the hook?

You gotta show up. That’s it. Show up for yourself, give proof you did your workouts, commit to the fitness schedule that makes sense for you, and repeat every week. It’s really that easy! You need to be present within the app (valid subscription) on the first and last day of the month.

What makes this challenge so great?

Aside from all the benefits of the app listed already (if you missed this: see on this page above!) here are 3 challenge perks:

  1. We’re literally building a fitness habit and your own self accountability within this 30-day timeline! Not only are you building a fitness routine that you can manage with your lifestyle (you choose how many sessions/week work for you), but you get to do these workouts at your convenience, at your fingertips, and a chance to win a full year of workouts at the same time!

  2. You get a community who’s supporting you on their fitness journey too, all within the app, like instant messaging. A chance to connect and chat with other badass humans in the community thread within the app.

  3. You get me, Coach Courtney, involved with you along the way within the app. Whether you need form check support, modifications, have questions or need some hype, I’m here.

What's the prize?

Win a full year subscription for the CFL App! Personalized coupon code will have a 12-month validity from the time your prize is awarded. That means, if you currently have an annual membership into the app, you can use that and then apply the free year prize. Only one ‘win’ per calendar year, because we want to keep it fair!

What's the timeline?

Every month is a NEW chance to win, we start on Day 1 of the calendar month and go until the last day. Winner will be announced the following day, via IG tag and email notification.

How to win?

It doesn’t matter if you workout once/week or 5x a week (that helps keep it a bit more fair for everyone!), if you’re sticking to your workout commitments every week, you have just as much of a chance to win.

There are a few ways to increase your chances of winning: (limit of 1x/wk for each of these)

  • Share on your IG Stories a workout video & tag up to 3 friends: +1 chance to win

  • Share on your IG timeline (any workout-related video, selfie) & tag up to 3 friends: +1 chance to win

  • Repost from CFL (must tag @cflcoaching) on your IG Stories: +1 chance to win

There will be bonus chances to win by getting involved in the community thread for shares, hype and PR wins… but I’m gonna keep those a secret for now ;)

You really have nothing to lose, aside from a few lbs if you have a weight loss goal! So what are you waiting for? Get involved today!

And when you sign up, make sure you comment that you're IN for the month challenge within the community thread in the app! Then I'll for sure know you're committed and ready to WIN!

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