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15 Best Training Tips

A recent clean-up on my IG highlights encouraged me to compile a list of training tips that I’ve shared (from said cleaned up shares). These were shared over the last 3 years and are all still very true and applicable. I commonly see these on a regular basis; in my gym, across social media platforms and sometimes within our Courtney For Life coaching community.

I hope you already know majority of these, but I also hope you can learn from these shares too!

  1. Shitty form is a really good way to get injured - if you don’t know, ask someone like an online professional that you trust or a personal trainer at your gym

  2. Cable weight stack hack: add a 2.5 or 5lb plate to the pin to incrementally increase weights

  3. Use wrist straps (correctly!)

  4. Apply tempos when using bands to encourage better control

  5. Do more of the movements you suck at

  6. You can progress without increasing weight (progressive overload)

  7. Don’t overlook bodyweight movements

  8. When doing core work: you want to feel the reps in your abdominals, not in your hip flexors

  9. Use full ROM; no full = no results

  10. DB shoulder press: the weights don’t touch at the top (press straight up over your shoulders)

  11. Watch anatomy videos on YouTube to better understand muscle movements

  12. Don’t let the weight stack drop (rest) between reps

  13. Take your time to learn movements

  14. Don’t stand on an elevation for a deficit movement if you aren’t actually going to increase the range of motion

  15. Don’t overlook warm ups and cool downs

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