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Our mission is to educate, encourage and support constant evolution of personal mastery as it pertains to each person’s own lifestyle and goals. We are coaches and athletes as well. We are determined to change your mindset and your body in a way that offers a much more fulfilled lifestyle.

The end result is that each person will have developed confidence and knowledge to continue without us, and to have surpassed what they initially believed they were capable of.


Our core values

Integrity: doing what we truly believe is the right thing, provide our best service, share honest information, practice what we preach


Respect: provide compassion, understand and respect inclusivity, acknowledge non-disclosure and confidentiality


Commitment: adhere to our terms and relationships, through expectations and promises to what services and support can offer


Fairness: meet clients exactly where they are with what they communicate, stay within safe, respectful and honest boundaries

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Join the CFL App today and start building a stronger physique on your own terms!

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Work alongside one of our educated coaches to achieve a full body transformation.


Take our FREE quiz to see how CFL Coaching can help you unlock your ultimate goals.

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