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Sticking to your goals past January

The spoiler alert that you don’t want to hear or come to terms with believing: the all-or-nothing approach with goals – regardless if they’re New Years Resolutions – doesn’t breed long-lasting sustainability.

Really. When was the last time you ventured out on the great all-or-nothing path, to end up in sea world of sustainability?

Prove me wrong. And when you can recall when this happened, please send me an email with your honest story, and I’m going to send you $50. Go ahead:

I see you’re still here. Great.

It’s a few weeks into the new year and the motivation train has already left the station.

It’s discouraging. And it happens to us every single time.

So how the heck do we actually stick to what we said we were going to do this year?

These are my 5 easy-to-implement assessments/adjustments that you need to check with yourself, so you don’t wreck yourself. These are areas that I emphasize with Courtney For Life Coaching 1:1 clients through systems develop for each individual lifestyle, that are proven every single time to breed success.

1. Assess your last 1-2 months and find more sustainable trends.

What worked well? What happened (or didn’t)?

Example: if you set a goal of 5 workouts/week, but the average was 3, aim for 3!

At CFL Coaching, we commit to weekly portal check ins plus monthly video coaching calls to review progress, assess growth and development, and ensure we are steering clear towards goals.

2. Unsubscribe to the ‘overhaul’ approach.

Check if whatever you’re doing could be maintained for 6-12 months? If not, it’s too much. Truth: we don’t need to (ever!) aim for perfection but instead: improvement. Build confidence and sustainability with the lowest hanging fruit: these are the bite-sized habits that are doable, that you can contribute to (nearly) every day. At CFL Coaching we focus on implementing smaller, more manageable habits with clients and build upon them as necessary. This ensures we continually improve, level up and see progress, while breaking the ‘overhaul’ mindset that often many of our clients previously had.

3. Ask for help. Doing this alone is hard and it doesn’t have to be.

Commit to a gym partner or hire a trainer for accountability.

Level up: find an online team who can meet you where you are and develop systems that work for you, keep you accountable, and welcomes you into a motivational and empowering community of like-minded baddies like you.

Recommendation: take the free quiz to see if CFL Coaching is right for you.

At CFL Coaching, we have a safe and supportive community who encourages and supports all of our progress. We chat weekly in group convos and share ideas and inspiration to keep us all moving forward in our journeys.

4. Drink more water.

One of the easiest, cheapest and most effective habits, and we all could benefit from a little bit more H2O. In very simple terms (I’ll spare the science), water helps improve digestion, encourages better daily energy, can boost your exercise performance, and support weight loss goals – if that’s important for you.

At CFL Coaching, we work with each individual client to see what tools work for adherence and success. We consider ‘fun’ accountability tools like using hydration apps, daily to-do list habit trackers, weekly checklists, and our coaches emphasize each win, regardless of the perceived size.

5. Consider what you can ‘add’, instead of remove. Have veggies/fruit at every meal, protein.

Often we think when we need to diet or make a change, we need to ‘cut things out’ but we can actually benefit when we add in more.

Example: instead of cutting out carbs, consider adding in a bit more vegetables or protein to a meal, and consume those portions first. Protein and fiber (from veggies) offer more satiety, encouraging satisfaction.

At CFL Coaching, we don’t encourage ‘removals’ like this, but instead we promote more. We want our clients to live in abundance, not restraint. Life’s much more enjoyable this way!

This isn’t a limited list to what is possible when sticking to your goals with Courtney For Life Coaching, but this is a great checklist for you to ensure you’re sticking to the promises you told yourself.

Although this can all seem so simple, adhering and achieving success isn’t necessarily easy. Don’t think you need to be a Super Hero and do this all alone, that’s why we’re here. If you’re tired of spinning your wheels and trying to figure this out on your own, I encourage you to connect with our team > Let us meet you where you are, regardless of your lifestyle and past diet history, and develop tools that truly work for your goals and sustainable success.

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