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Creating Goals you can Actually Achieve

* This is also as a podcast episode (#39) on the Courtney For Life Podcast. Available to download for free on iTunes or visit


January 1 is always our Day 1 for new goals. More often than not, they are goals that we haven’t achieved before. They are big goals, commonly in the form of weight loss.

FACT: 77% of Americans create New Years Resolutions, but only 8% actually succeed with them.

WHY? Because people typically set long lists of large, unattainable goals for themselves, rather than small, easy ones.

7 of the most common New Years Resolutions: (in no specific order)

  1. Get in shape

  2. Lose weight

  3. Enjoy life to the fullest (improve education, travel more; something to bring ‘more value’ to your life)

  4. Spend less, save more

  5. Spend more time with friends

  6. Get organized

  7. Improve habits (cook more at home, quit smoking, less phone time, get more sleep)

So before you plan upcoming goals or New Years Resolutions, there’s some important things we need to review, or take into consideration:

  • Look at your last year (or how far we are from the beginning of this current year)

  • What were your original goals for this year?

  • What success have you achieved in terms of this? Maybe it’s not the full goal, but in what ways have you progressed towards this? Maybe it’s the simple fact that the original goal doesn’t actually align with your lifestyle anymore? Maybe you aren’t where you thought you would be right now? What can you learn from that?

  • Know that there is ALWAYS an opportunity to learn, but you have to be willing to learn. You cannot say, “I failed,” or “I didn’t achieve this because I suck...” blah blah blah. You need to really sit and think of the reasons why. Not excuses. Don’t blame anyone else for this. What are YOUR actions and YOUR choices that caused you to get from where you wanted to be, to where you are now?

We know that it’s important to set SMART goals:




Relevant (realistic)


But there’s MORE!

Visualization * - When you imagine your most important goal as already being achieved, you will feel good and you will be telling your unconscious mind exactly what you want. I recommend you visualize for a few minutes early in the morning and before you go to bed. Imagine your goals as already being accomplished, and really enjoy the feeling of success that comes from that. That's the power of manifestation!

Affirmations * - For example, if you have a goal of hitting 10k steps every day, your affirmation might be “I easily and consistently can walk 10k steps each and every day.” You then repeat this information to yourself throughout the day. But don’t just repeat them in your head, remember to see the result, to feel it, to actually take the action and get in your 10k steps every day. Affirmations do not work for most people because they aren’t used consistently, they aren’t used properly, their doubts take over and they don’t FEEL them.

Believe in yourself * - The only person standing between you and success is yourself. You do not even necessarily have to know how you will accomplish your goal, you simply keep working at it every single day until you succeed.

Accept non-perfection * - If you have a goal you’ve been putting off because things aren’t perfect, because it’s not a good time, then here’s your sign: circumstances will never be perfect. Just start. Right now. With where you are. With what you have. You don’t have to have all the answers, you can learn along the way (honestly, that’s how most successful people function anyway!)

WHY - Also, it’s important to have a WHY for this goal too. If you just say “I want to lost 10lbs” and there’s no hard WHY behind it, it’s going to be hella challenging for you to stay motivated.

Example: because based on my recent Annual check with my Doctor, I need to lose 10lbs so I am not at risk for heart disease, which is common in my family.

Setting up smaller bite-sized goals are going to help too. If you have a long-term goal (example: by the end of 2020) what are the quarterly (more or less) milestones that are realistic?

Example: if you want to travel more, what research and planning can you do now? Start a savings account of X/week or month; book your first trip, make a pact with a friend (more accountability)

2 resources:

  1. Check out my YouTube vlog called “Goal Setting for Success” (November 17, 2016.) It’s an oldie but a goodie, for sure! It’s all still relevant information.

  2. Download the Marigold app and hang out with me as your Fitness Confidence Coach. I can help you with bite-sized audio clips to help you create and achieve your fitness-related goals. 2 great chats are: “get yourself into a workout routine” and “choosing a workout partner.” Download Marigold on the App store. BONUS: if you download before December 2019, you can get 2 months FREE using COURTNEY50!


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