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10 Characteristics of Successful People

These points were inspired by Cara Alwill Leyba, epic boss babe, and owner of the Champagne Diet blog. I added onto these points with my own thoughts.

1. They confidently ask for what they want. If there’s something in the world that you want, go after it because no one’s going to hand it to you. Be confident in your choices. Anything you truly want is within reach.

2. They listen to their gut and trust themselves. Your gut is a smart b*tch. Trust her, she knows what’s good for you.

3. They don't seek the approval of others. Because really, what’s the point in living your life if someone else is going to make the choices for you? You’re smart (and I know that because you’re subscribed to my newsletters!) and you know what’s best for you, so stop looking for approval from anyone else other than yourself.

4. They don't make decision in a low vibration. This would be like going into the gym when you’re sick, or going into the grocery store when you’re hangry. Let’s be honest, we can all relate to this, and we all know it never goes over well. So if that means sleeping on it or looking a little bit more into the options, take your time and make sure you’re in a place of high vibration. The Universe will provide you the signs when you’re ready.

5. They don't do things out of desperation. Feeling pressured that you ‘have’ to do something or that you ‘should’ when you’re not 100% supporting it, just don’t. Make sure whatever you do is 100% true to you.

6. They move forward even if nobody understands their vision. Because remember, it’s not about what anyone else wants or needs, it’s about what you need in order to grow and ultimately thrive. The dream and hustle are sold separately. Your life isn’t for everyone else to understand, it’s for you and your true happiness.

7. They do not make excuses for themselves or anyone else. Tell me a time when an honest excuse made someone incredibly successful? Really – if you know of one, please email me because I’m dying to hear it!

8. They don't allow their past to define their future. Your past is behind you for a reason. Hell ya it’s shaped you into who you are today, but that doesn’t define you. Where you are is not always who you are. Remember that. Your past is just a story and it ultimately holds no power over you in the Now.

9. They don't put their happiness in the hands of someone else. Because why would you do that? It’s your life. YOUR life. Your happiness. When you let someone else dictate your life, you’re the one that ends up losing.

10. They don't determine their success based on external wins or accomplishments. Not all wins needs to have trophies attached to them. Not all success needs to have a dollar sign in front of it. Not all wins have to be heard out loud. Celebrate your own successes, no matter how big or small. But however you celebrate your success, make sure it’s 100% true to You.

Do you feel like you can relate to a lot of these points? What point connects with you the most? What do you think you want to work on? Whatever you connect with, remember to always stay true to yourself!

Make sure you visit my website for more inspiration, motivation, support and guidance, for all parts of your life - nutrition, training and wholehearted living!

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