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Finding the Perfect Time to Start

You’re not waiting for the perfect time, but your own readiness.

The perfect time is an ego-built belief

that keeps us held down in our current situation.

It prevents us from taking action

and evolving into into a state of growth.

Time becomes the right time

when you’re ready for it to be right,

when you’re ready to take action

and step into your greatness.

Waiting doesn’t change anything.

Time is exactly the same

and it’s going to pass

whether or not you make a move.

Courtney For Life Coaching meets you where you are,

collaborates with you,

and develops systems to help you

step into your greatness.

Deep down in your unconscious,

you know what you’re meant for.

You know where you’re headed.

When you are ready to step forward,

let Courtney For Life Coaching become great with you.

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