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My Successful Two-Step System for Change

A nudge of motivation doesn’t always get us moving in the right direction; sometimes we need a good kick in the butt, right? Well strong friend, today’s the day you get to meet my foot. Hola!

You know me on social media as a good-vibe aficionado with morning messages that (hopefully) inspire you to take smart action every day. But sometimes it doesn’t quite get through to you. You think, “ah, that’s exactly what I needed to hear,” yet you continue to swipe through your stories and my thoughts are left in the clouds.

Just like you, I catch myself complaining too much. We complain about the things we cannot control, but we also complain about the things we can control (often times, we actually can control more than we think), so here’s my super simple, proven successful, two-step system to influence a positive change:

Step 1: shut up

Step 2: do something

Easy, right? The next time you start complaining ask yourself: "what can I do to change this situation?" If you can do something, do it. If you can’t, don’t complain because it’s out of your control.

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