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Guidelines for Successfully Reaching Goals

Check in with yourself every morning. Wake up refreshed and energized, with a positive outlook for the day ahead. Plug into your goals, understand what tasks are required of you today to ensure you stay on track. Remind yourself that when your healthy and happy, you have more to give to the world.

Eat protein at breakfast. Include protein at every breakfast. Some of my favourite go-to's: scrambled eggs/whites or omelettes, protein powder mixed with Greek yogurt and oats. Fuel your body.

Make a lunch you’re excited to eat. Make a lunch that is a simple salad with (quality) meat for protein. Adding little extras like seeds and nuts to a salad along with avocado may make it something you look forward to eating, instead of leftovers that you would rather leave behind when others are going out. Be smart throughout each and every single day.

Pre-prep dinner (well, all meals too!) This is huge one for people. Often people come home late and are rushed to get food in them after a busy day. Instead, cook a large amount of food ahead of time (I would strongly suggest on a weekend) like a pack of chicken breasts, steam a bag of veggies and maybe boil a few sweet potatoes. That way when you get home everything is already cooked, you just have to properly potion and maybe even reheat the food. Dinner doesn't have to be a glamorous meal, remember. Eat to perform.

Eat at the table. When you actually sit down to eat a meal and are not either driving around to the next activity or glued in front of the TV, you actually connect with what you're doing and are more mindful of when you are full, preventing you from over eating. You actually enjoy your food more this way.

Exercise! Cannot make it to the gym that day? No worries. Choose a far parking spot. Take the stairs. Get up every 30 minutes to walk around the office. These little choices throughout the days, weeks and months will actually make quite a difference.

Aim for a little better instead of perfect. It's not about being perfect. It's about gradual and continuous improvement. People get down on themselves if they eat poorly or miss a workout (hello self-sabotage!). Guess what, you're human, just like everyone else. Not every day will be 100%, just promise yourself to give your best effort that you can each and every single day.

Plan to show up again the next morning, and actually do it. Show up each day and do what you can on that day. Don’t jump ahead. This is not a race. It’s your life. Focus on putting one foot in front of the other, one day at a time.

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