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7 Tips to Improve Daily Steps

Improving your fitness doesn’t have to necessarily mean getting to the gym and pumping weights. The simple option of getting more daily steps in is a foundational habit that anyone can (and should!) be able to implement. It can be a huge challenge especially as many of us have a very sedentary lifestyle (like a desk job, commuting a lot, etc).

It’s not necessarily about getting in 10,000 daily steps because for someone who commonly only gets in 1-2,000 daily, that’s a huge demand. On the other hand, someone who is moving a lot already (naturally) then getting 10,000 steps might be a lot target. It’s about what’s realistic and sustainable to help you move a bit more throughout the day. This improves your NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) which is honestly much more important* than how many calories you burn in a workout session.

*more important for the purpose of calories burned daily, or daily caloric expenditure; especially we are putting an emphasis on fat loss.

Our coaches collaborated and share 7 best tips to help with getting a little more daily steps, that has been successful with ourselves and our incredible superstar clients:

  • Go for a 10 minute walk after breakfast and/or dinner. It can also help with digestion, if you need a ‘better reason’ to do this.

  • Park further away when going out or going to work, the gym, etc.

  • Set a goal and break it down in a way that fits your lifestyle; use reminders like alarms/notifications on your phone.

  • Start small. Start with a 10 minute walk and each week, increase by 5 minutes.

  • Find local paths and trails that you can safely explore. Getting ‘lost’ in nature is an easy was to collect some steps. Plan for one every week or two, depending on your schedule.

  • Take your work calls as you walk.

  • Make a weekly appointment with a friend to go walking together.

These have been successful tips that our coaches and clients have implemented to improve daily steps; anyone can benefit from these. If you’re looking to take your lifestyle to the next level and want to improve your nutrition habits, fitness abilities and mindset, visit our Coaching info page at where you can find out more about who we are, what we do and complete the inquiry form to connect with us and see how we can level up together.

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