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You are not a Perfectionist

You are not a perfectionist.

And constantly telling yourself you are is preventing you from being a badass.

In a perfect world, failure doesn’t exist.

But we aren’t in a perfect world.

Failure is a part of growth, and life is lifey.

New goals require changing our current life, that require taking risks, that often can become hard lessons, that definitely turn into growth, and lead to new levels of success.

Risk-takers know there‘s a chance of failure. Failure and perfectionism do not coexist.

You can choose perfectionism, where you stay inside your comfort zone, and shrink your world to what fits.

Or you can say ‘fck perfectionism’, bet on yourself, take risks, level the fck up and be a badass.

But not doing something just because you cannot do it perfectly gets you nowhere. You don’t learn anything. That’s not how growth happens. You just reinforce a habit of avoiding hard things.

I know you’re not here just to sit down, shut up and look pretty. You can do hard things.

So allow yourself to challenge yourself, to change your language in what you believe, make mistakes, take risks, learn and grow. Be compassionate with yourself along the way.

You can be driven, ambitious, focused, committed, hungry, passionate, disciplined, determined. But you are not a perfectionist. You are real, you are here to level up. And when you’re ready, we're here with you > Click the link to see who our coaches are, how we can meet you where you are in life, and level up together.

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