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Pre-Prep Coaching

An intense and transformative system created to achieve your best physique and create personal mental greatness.​

A unique next-level approach to nutrition & fitness coaching, highlighting mindset and lifestyle development.

This is not competition prep coaching, but the foundational framework encompassing nutrition, training, mindset, habits, boundaries and consistency.


A message from Coach Courtney:

Bodybuilding competitions are becoming more popular and well-known, and it’s a common goal amongst many women to want to look like a bikini competitor and/or to enter a bodybuilding competition.


From my experiences as a competitor since 2019 across 2 different federations (although an emphasis and permanent placement in the NPC/IFBB Pro League) there’s a lot of preceding work that nearly every competitor could benefit from, as I know they could agree with this too.


With constant “do you coach competitors?” inquiries, I’ve created this very specific, unique and intensive Pre-Prep Coaching opportunity. It’s the prep before actual competition prep begins.

Pre-Prep Coaching isn't about implementing crazy protocols, adding in a shit-tonne of cardio, or cutting calories; but it's about dialing in on consistency, practicing approaches that you'll likely be faced with, and ensuring your mindset is in a good and healthy place before the real work begins.

Pre-Prep Coaching is not for the general population of gym-goers. This isn’t for most people who want to improve their lifestyle through health and fitness. This is a gateway to greatness for serious women who want to compete, but want to ‘get a taste’ before a bigger commitment. This is a very lucrative stepping stone and a foundation for a healthy and successful competition prep.


What's required before you apply

  • At least 2 years of nutrition understanding and adherence (prefer with flexible dieting approach)

  • My Macros+ or MyFitnessPal logging (MM is synced to our client portal for check ins)

  • 1+ years training experience, confident in all movement patterns, ability to train alone and push yourself without needing someone there with you

  • Understanding of how to show up for yourself amongst adversity, when life happens (because it will!) and know how to pivot and still win the day


What pre-prep coaching includes

  • Setting a foundation for lifestyle habits, mindset, consistent action, and common protocols

  • Understanding and applying training variables with intensity, developing an improvement in muscle connection, following specificity with programming based on physique needs

  • Adherence to nutrition protocols

  • Establishing and validating your why as to why you want to compete/step on stage

  • At least a 6 month commitment


This program does not include posing coaching, getting 'stage lean/ready' or supplementation protocols. This is to ensure you have a healthy foundation and understanding in place before starting prep with an experienced coach.


A few areas of emphasis included

Nutrition tracking accuracy: understand the fundamentals of tracking nutrition correctly and consistently; food log entries are measured properly and have all necessary data accounted for.​

Note: many preps use meal plans; that's not automatic with Pre-Prep Coaching. It may be implemented, but that's to be determined per client.

Mindset development: it’s going to get hard sometimes and it’s through developing a stronger mind that will carry us through to success.

Boundaries and schedule management: learn to prioritize prep protocols into daily life; set and adhere to boundaries to elevate your level of success.

Nutrition consistency: confidence in your ability to prepare food and eat to a schedule. Quality, timing, and even ‘how’ you eat the food matter (mindfulness.)

Training intensity: enjoy training, know how/when to push harder when appropriate, rely on yourself for motivation, and adhere to a structured program.

Lifestyle: competing is a choice and should only be undertaken if you are passionate about the process. This is why having our Why is so important.

Expectations: know what to expect from a real prep; have opportunities to talk with competitors (like your coach here!) who’s been through this.

To learn more about Courtney's competition experiences, check out her Bikini page, a hub for all her competition-related content.


Why is this an application process?

We do our due diligence with any of our coaching services and ensure that when someone applies, we are a good match and that you know what you're getting into. We connect with everyone ahead of time and have very in-depth communication prior to starting coaching. It goes the same for Pre-Prep Coaching. We want to ensure those who want to compete, know what’s really required. We want this to be a supportive, encouraging and beneficial eye-opening experience for everyone who completes this program. This is to help you save your energy, time, effort, money, and overall health. We want to set you up for success.


What if I don't get approved?

Don't worry, we can get you ready for this! Through our 1:1 lifestyle coaching, we can work on building these habits, developing the awareness, confidence and self efficacy before trying to take you up to the next level.


What happens after this program?

Once the Pre-Prep Coaching program is completed and the client feels confident to continue into a real competition prep (or we can go for another 6 months of Pre-Prep Coaching! That's allowed!) then we can work together to consider Prep Team opportunities. We highly respect, encourage and recommend joining Atlas Bodybuilding for competitions in the NPC/IFBB federation.


This program doesn't guarantee any placings or outcomes with competitions.


Last important note

Pre-Prep Coaching is not for the general population of gym-goers. This isn’t for most people who want to improve their lifestyle through nutrition and exercise. This is a gateway to greatness for serious women who want to compete, but want to ‘get a taste’ before the bigger commitment.


This is a very lucrative stepping stone and foundation for a healthy and successful competition prep.

If you know this is for you, submit your application form below. Courtney will email you within 24 hours and set up a call to ensure we are a good fit together.

There are real comments from Courtneys' clients who experienced pre-prep protocols through coaching:

"The pre-prep that I did with Courtney ensured I was ‘ready’ to enter prep through awareness, developing specific skills, specificity, training knowledge and intensity. Although, it’s challenging to fully be 'ready' to go into your first prep or to know exactly what is going to come from it, as the mental challenge is very different for everyone and things are always going to change depending on how your body changes and responds to specific protocols. However, doing so, ensured I was clear on what I wanted and the level at which tasks needed to be done with specificity and 100% adherence."

"This pre-prep allowed me to ensure I was being adherent and consistent with every single one of my habits and we challenged some of those habits at a later date. I developed a lot of the tools and skills that helped me to be successful within my own prep."


"Once I entered my first prep, I already had some awareness and the skills that needed to be established at the beginning of prep setting me up for success to transfer over to a bodybuilding coach. This was very beneficial for me as I went into my first prep."

“It created awareness; was definitely a good eye opener to attention to detail and how all the details add up and matter.”

PPC application

Pre-Prep Coaching Application Form

Please take your time to complete the following information in as much clear detail as possible.

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