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She believed she could,
so she did.


A personal collection of resources, tools, experiences and social shares from my competitions in the NPC IFBB league.

I received my PRO CARD status on December 11, 2022 at the Mexican National Championships.

Nothing I share should be taken as advice to execute protocols, what you should do, or to prepare you for a competition. I am not a competition prep coach.


My Dream Team 🏆

A list of my dream team members who have helped me look my best for my competitions! Click each name for their IG page.

Prep team: Atlas Bodybuilding

Nutrition & training coach: Humberto Kauffmann
Posing coach: Kateryna Kauffmann
Heels: The Shoe Fairy (no affiliation)

Competition & posing Bikini suits and jewelry: KH Customs

I am officially a KH Customs Athlete (affiliate!) Use COURTNEYFORLIFE at checkout to save on any competition suit, posing suit, beach bikini or jewelry. By using this affiliate code, you can save 10% on Luxe Accessories, and you support me at the same time. Thank you!
Athlete profile featured on Real Feats of Strength

AQFF Mr. Cozumel 2019

First bikini comp in Cozumel, Mexico.

  1. Why did I compete?

  2. 10 week process

  3. Challenges, costs & what's next?

NPC Van Dyke Classic 2020

Prep for first Canadian NPC comp.

  1. Journey to the stage, Q&A

  2. 1 month update, benefits of a meal plan

  3. Learning how to workout and walk... ?!

  4. Unexpected hanges & training at home

NPC MX Super Show 2021

Journey​ to my first Mexican NPC comp.

  1. Same Goals, New Approach

  2. Meal Plan vs Sunday Brunch

  3. Workout at Tulum Strength Club

  4. 100% Adherence at a Resort

  5. Health Scare, Care & Supplements

  6. Carbs in my Diet

  7. Glutes Workout at a Resort Gym

  8. Q&A

  9. Protein & Fat in my Diet

  10. Diving into a Deficit

  11. Uncommon Truths about Prep

  12. Mock Show Day

  13. Peak Week, Show Day, Rebound

NPC Cancun Classic 2022

Vlog of my stage presentation, what the NPC judges are looking for (how I scored in relation), feedback from the judges, and protocols implemented for the next 5 weeks leading into the Pro Qualifier in Mexico City (Grand Battle).

NPC Mexico Grand Battle 2022

Recap of my Pro Qualifier experience.​

  1. Peak Week, Hormone Therapy & My Next International Adventure

  2. Feedback, routine, post-show blues

NPC MX Nationals 2022

Originally intended as a 48h back-to-back international competition fiesta. Earned my Pro Card at the first show. A week of adventure, preparation, backstage, personal challenges and many emotions.

  1. packing, meal prep service, glutes

  2. carb loading, physique changes, show day!

  3. IFBB PRO!? tan fail, post show routine, Olympia Amateurs

  4. reverse diet protocols (bloodwork results, sleep issues, supplements, new foods), judge’s feedback, IFBB PRO debut ideas, post show blues


Follow me on TikTok for more prep things like progress, hacks and things that aren't so commonly shared.


Adam from Team Elite Physique shares his views and opinion on the evolution of the bikini division.


Guest IFBB Pro Judge discuss what's required for the bikini division when they look for the 'overall package'.

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