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Recipes: June 2018

A recent collection of some macro-friendly recipes!

Side note: aren't all recipes "macro friendly"? When you think about it, they are! All recipes have macros, it's just whether or not they fit into your custom-set macro ranges. Remember you can always substitute food swaps for friendlier options that fit better into your own macro targets. Be sure to download my NEW eBook "Macro Solutions" that's available for download HERE!

Note for #courtsathletes on Mindful Portions points-based system: if you're interested in any of these recipes but aren't sure about your customized points, please send me a message and I will provide you with the MP points that would align with your customized menu. ​​

Greek Souvlaki Bowl with Cauliflower Rice

P51 C16 F26 (serves 3)



Baked Eggs in Spaghetti Squash Nests

P10 C10 F8 (per nest)


Steak and Fajita Roll Ups

P32 C8 F19 (for 4 pieces)


Protein Bread

P8 C12 F2 (40g serving)


Protein Fudge

P6 C2 F3 (but let's be honest here; with these macros, there's no way we're only having 1 serving!)


"The Best" Protein Cheesecake

P34 C9 F3 (1/4 of recipe)


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