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13 Ways to Increase Protein Intake that Require Little Effort

The truth is, we usually aren’t eating enough protein. This is commonly seen amongst new 1:1 Coaching clients. We can see this because of their low energy levels, lack of satiety in their daily meals, and not being able to encourage the muscle development they’re after in order to achieve a shapely and toned physique.

Coach Kayla created this list of 13 ways (recipe inspo included!) to help easily pump up your protein intake that requires little time and effort – because that’s what we’re here for! Least amount of effort, most amount of change.

These first 2 ways are the most impactful for your overall success – then the following 9 ways are food-based suggestions.

1. Increase lean protein servings in your existing meals.

If you're having chicken breast for lunch and you find that your protein goal is short for the day, give yourself a little bit more in your meals. Example: if you’re having 70oz if measured cooked chicken breast, bump that up to 100. This is going to be one of the simplest ways for you to increase your protein intake throughout the day.

2. Ensure you are getting in some protein in every meal.

Start your day off with a high protein breakfast (ideas below!) Your breakfast doesn't have to be ‘breakfast food.’ There's no rules around what to have for breakfast or what not to have. Have fun with it!

Encouraging ideas: a smoothie or smoothie ‘bowl’, combine more egg whites with whole eggs (scrambled or any style), breakfast sammies (add more egg whites), oats with egg whites and/or protein powder, egg hash (potatoes, eggs, egg whites, veggies)

Protein poptarts (click for recipe)

Protein bread (click to get it here, along with 7 other recipe ideas)

3-way grab-and-go breakfast wraps

+ Chocolate chip cookie dough protein waffles

(click to get it here, along with more recipe ideas)

We have plenty of recipe ideas on our FREE BLOG

And even more on our CHEAT SHEETS web page

And for some more protein-packed food-based suggestions:

3. 0% plain greek yogurt and mix in some protein powder for flavour. It really amps up your protein target; add berries, corn flakes for some crunch and YUM. You could also use 0% vanilla greek yogurt with berries. Slightly lower protein content if you don't add the protein powder.

4. Low fat cottage cheese

5. Chicken pepperettes (chicken or turkey pepperoni sticks) or pre-cooked pulled chicken from the grocery store, beef jerky, etc.

6. Coach Michelle's amazing protein powder snack – get this on her IG Stories Highlights!

7. Hard boiled eggs (could eat just the whites if you want to save your fats for something else)

8. Canned proteins (tuna, salmon, chicken breast – can top these on a rice cake, in a salad, mixed with rice, on a piece of bread, in a wrap, etc)

9. Eggs and egg whites are great to add to lots of meals for quick protein. You can pretty much add them to anything. Kayla loves to mix egg whites with a whole egg to easily boost her protein without going over fats target.

10. Make protein pancakes and freeze them! One of Kayla’s favourite options! Take them out of the freezer pop into the microwave or toaster and you're done.

11. Egg bite cups with a whole egg, egg white and veggies. This is a great quick grab and go idea if you have them prepped already. And they could also be frozen for later.

12. Overnight oats. Use greek yogurt and/or protein powder in this delicious snack to boost the protein in it.

13. Protein shakes/protein powder

Majority of these are animal-based protein encouragements, as animal-based proteins are the best ‘bang for your buck’ when it comes to getting a complete amino profile (a whole, complete, best quality protein source for your body!)

Although this can all seem so simple, we know nutrition isn’t necessarily easy. Don’t think you need to be a Super Hero and do this all alone, that’s why we’re here. If you’re tired of spinning your wheels and trying to figure this out on your own, I encourage you to connect with our team > Let us meet you where you are, regardless of your lifestyle and past diet history, and develop tools that truly work for your goals and sustainable success.

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