• Courtney Ustrzycki

Black Bean Brownie Recipe

Recently on Instagram I've been seeing a lot of the famous #KatieAnneBrownies (one of my favourite IG accounts: @KatieAnne100) and I wanted to modify the recipe to make it a little more macro-friendly. I like to try new recipes, but I'm lazy sometimes, and I don't want to have to add 20 different ingredients just to get something yummy. Keep it simple, always. So here it is; probably one of the simplest and most macro-friendly recipes for this black bean brownie!


220g canned (rinsed) black beans

100g canned pumpkin purée

50g light cream cheese (Western brand)

1 egg

100g egg whites (not from carton)

25g spelt flour (Bob's Red Mill)

20g unsweetened cocoa powder

35g chocolate whey protein (Perfect Whey)

5g baking powder

20g stevia powder

Simple directions:

Blend all ingredients together; bake at 300F for 45 minutes. I used a 9x5" pan (like a bread loaf size).

Macros for 1/6: P11.5 C13 F3 

But who actually only eats 1/6 of it!?

Macros for entire pan: P70 C78 F18

I input all of my meals daily into an app called My Macros+ (where I don't have to worry about paying a silly monthly fee just to get accurate macros... *cough*MyFitnessPal*cough*) So follow me when you download the app: CourtneyU

Happy baking, friends!

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