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Anthopometry Testing: 1 Month Update

In August I connected with a Doctor in Playa Del Carmen who is an Anthopometrist. He studies the scientific measurements and proportions of the human body. You know I'm all about numbers and collecting data, so we started going through some testing with my body.

The first appointment was recorded as a full YouTube video, if you're interested in learning exactly what it is we were doing. Here's the link: https://youtu.be/NZt6VVBI5Ko


We are completing monthly testing to see exactly how my body is changing with the adjustments I've been making both with nutrition and strength training. After one month , these are my changes:

Weight: 52.8 kg (+0.6)

Abdominal: 3.7 mm skin fold (+0.0)

Thigh: 8.0 mm skin fold (+0.5)

Muscle mass: 25.4 kg (+0.4)

Adipose: (total fat cell) 11.7 kg (+0.0)

Total skin fold: 30.8 mm (+0.7)

Muscle/bone index: 3.5 (+0.1)

Based on Yuhasz (1974, Harpenden callipers, 6-component) body fat: 8.35% (+0.11)

WHAT am I focusing on?

My goal with this testing is to be able to measure my progress as I continue to focus on my sport: powerlifting. I want to get stronger overall, which means I need to add more muscle. But in order to do so, I need to gain fat as well because my body is too lean to build the muscle that I want.*

*this is a perfect example of why fitness competitors cannot maintain their ‘stage-ready’ physique year-round and gain muscle in their off seasons. Healthy body fat needs to be added in order to build quality muscle. Although I am not a fitness competitor, this is a very good example.

WHY is this important to me?

With my passion for powerlifting, I want to improve from past competitions; I want to be better than I was before. I do not compete to beat others, only to improve on myself. I want to prove to myself that I can get stronger. This is important to me. I am very ambitious with my personal goals. When motivation lacks, discipline and my WHY (reminder) kicks into high gear and it allows me to persevere.

HOW am I changing this?

In the last month I have added over 50g of carbs to my training days. I am averaging about 2200 calories a day. I consume about 60% of my daily carb intake peri workout (pre, intra and post.) I consume fast-digesting carbs post workout (white rice) and whey isolate from Canadian Protein. Other meals contain slower digesting carbs (oats, brown rice, potato.) I am focusing on strength training, more specifically heavy sets (1-3 reps) of squat, bench press, deadlift. I take 2 rest days/week and really take that time to recover (AKA my rest days every week are basically sleep days.) I hydrate and stay fueled with electrolytes and BCAAs.

To order Canadian Protein, use COURTNEYFORLIFE and save on your order. Here's the link: https://www.canadianprotein.com/?s=COURTNEYFORLIFE

If there's anything specific you want to learn more about that I didn't cover in this article or in my YouTube video (linked above), please send me a message. Comment on this blog, on my YouTube video or send me a message on Instagram and I will do my very best to provide you with the necessary information you're looking for.

Cannot wait to see what the next few months has for me! (well, besides more tacos, donuts, sushi and strength improvements, of course!)

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