• Courtney Ustrzycki

You Know What To Do... Why Aren't You in Shape Yet?

If you eat well and are active on a regular basis but still aren’t pleased with your body composition (ie. too much fat mass and not enough lean mass) then you’re probably missing two crucial things.

Once you have been properly exercising for a few years and you have a certain amount of knowledge then the missing link isn’t a fancy exercise program (keep it simple and stick to the basics!). The missing link isn’t a new fad diet or a fancy fat-scorching supplement. The missing link is accountability.

Accountability is the missing link as to why you’re not seeing the results that you desire. You slip up on a weekend bender or indulge in way too much pizza one night, but because you don’t have to tell anyone, you keep that little secret to yourself, failing to hold yourself accountable to your words and goals because you don’t have to report back on it. Accountability is what keeps you consistent, which is what we could all use a little bit more of in our lives, right?

Reaching a goal is about doing small things over and over, even when it gets tough, and that why a lot of people struggle even though they know what to do. This is why weekly accountability (usually via check-ins with a knowledgeable coach) is much more successful.

So the question is, how do we fix this?

The short answer is: commitment. Committing to something like a program (whether it be a nutrition-based plan, a long-term strength training routine, or even just the commitment with a friend to go on daily walks) is a great place to start.

You probably have a general understanding on what you need to be doing, but when you don’t have anyone to keep you accountable (no one checking in on you, seeing if you are eating well, supporting you mentally and making sure your are getting your workouts in) then chances are you may not be reaching your potential as fast as you would like.

Commit to something that will see you reach your goals in a healthy and reasonable timeline! For more programming information, visit my programming page of my website: courtneyforlife.com/coaching

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