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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Coach

Working in the health and fitness industry, I've come across many coaches who don't seem to care much about their clients. It's all about making money or trying to take on more and more clients. To them, it seems to be about quantity, not quality. And if you're not aware, that is NOT me.

These are important questions that I think everyone should be asking when they decide to work with a coach, whether it be for nutrition guidance or exercise plans. I've provided my responses to these questions below as well.


1. Does the coach take the time to get to know you, build a relationship, and truly care?

Prior to joining my team, I ensure clients complete a very thorough questionnaire that goes through their current lifestyle, habits, goals and history. I ask for details that remain confidential. I want to know about my clients and where they comes from and try to put myself in their position in order to create the best plan of action in order to achieve their goals.

2. How well does the coach communicate with you? Are there weekly scheduled check ins? Does the coach provide thorough and time-sensitive responses? Are you able to communicate with them more than just once a week?

All of my clients have a scheduled check-in day and time that works for both of our schedules. This is when most of our communication happens, although clients do have (nearly) unlimited access to contact me (via email, phone/text or Skype, if needed.) I always ensure that I provide very thorough and detailed responses to clients (or even interested athletes who may not be on my team yet) and ensure there is clear understanding within discussion. I do my absolute best to provide follow ups and replies within a few hours, but at the latest it will be 24 hours, which is not very often. Current clients always receive priority responses over other inquiries.

3. How long has the coach been working in their field? Do they share client testimonials on their website?

I have been building my successful team for over 4 years now, and I have clients who have been with me since I started. I share client testimonials on my website at

4. Does the coach put your health as a priority? Do they focus only on workouts or hitting certain macros, or do they ask questions and take the time to learn about possible your hormones, sleeping patterns, digestion and other areas of your life that could affect your health?

My coaching is more than just macros and workouts. It's about building a healthy and strong mind and body through wholesome nutrition and resistance training. It's about a balanced lifestyle. I don't pry on clients' personal lives, but I always ask and take into consideration female hormonal patterns, bowel movements, sleeping patterns, work-life stress factors and any other environmental factors that could affect and hinder results that the client desires. To me, no information is "too much information" because I think everything that happens in our lives plays a role in what we do. The more information I know, the better I can guide.

5. Does the coach help set you up for long-term success? Do they provide you the tools in order for your to succeed on your own?

My nutrition programs show clients how to eat foods they love without restriction, allow them to understand balanced intake and portions, and to fuel their body with nourishing foods that help them to perform well and live fully. No matter what timeline clients commit to working with me, I always ensure they feel confident and comfortable when they decide to continue their journey without me, but I always reinforce with them that I am able to guide them if and when they do need it. I take pride in helping everyone (interested athletes, current clients, and past clients) when they seek out my expertise and guidance.

No matter what kind of nutrition or fitness-based coach you're looking to hire, make sure you do your research about the coach and their successful clients.

If you're interested in joining my team of successful athletes, please email me:, or visit my website with all of my current program information:

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