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Supplement Travel Hacks

We know that supplements aren’t superior to nutrition and exercise in the hierarchy of health, but when you are travelling and are a little bit out of your thriving routine, they can definitely support your body.

On a level of importance (click to see pyramid) supplements can benefit us once we can be certain there are other foundational elements in place first. This includes total caloric intake to support your body’s daily functions and an appropriate ratio of macronutrients to support your body’s needs and composition goals - those are the 2 most important elements. Not included in this pyramid (because this is a nutrition-related pyramid but is absolutely important) is daily movement and resistance training a few times per week. Once we know those elements have been implemented and maximized (aka once we know for certain we are really working on them consistently and they are part of a healthy habit throughout your weeks) then you can really see benefits of adding in supplements.

Some supplements are going to work better for some people and that’s very dependent on our own individual genetic abilities, body composition and our body’s functioning systems. Just because something works for my body and my genetics, doesn’t mean it’s going to benefit you the same. And that’s really important to remember.

Whatever supplements I take on a daily basis, I do my best to keep consistent with during travel to ensure my body maintains a consistent routine. Not everything is convenient to carry, but here are some of my travel hacks with supplements:

(I've linked all of these so you can click on any of the coloured supplements to take you right to the source!)

Canadian Protein has single-serving packs of protein powders, amino acids, pre- and intra-workout mixes.

I have Blender Bottle’s GoStak stackable containers that I take with me during day trips, overnight adventures and travelling internationally. I actually found a cheaper set at Walmart that still attaches well to the BB containers for a fraction of the cost. Note that this was in Mexico, so I’m not certain if these are accessible in Can/USA.

These are my main travel supplements:

AM: Super Women multivitamin, C-JOINT, Super Greens & hydrolyzed collagen (mixed in 12oz of water – a great way to get in some water before coffee!)

Pre-workout: C-STIM, CreaPure creatine, citruline malate – when I travel I bring C-PRE single-serving packs with me because it’s much more convenient

Intra-workout: BCAAs

Post-workout: glutamine

And some digestive enzymes on hand for when I go out to uncommon meals

I can give you 5% off your Canadian Protein order through my affiliate link (click here to take you to CP’s website.) The discount will be applied to your cart at the end. Email me ( if you have any specific questions or comments and I’ll do my best to help you out!

Check out for some more questions/answers regarding supplements.

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