• Courtney Ustrzycki

Overcoming the “fck it” Mindset of Overeating

Sometimes things happen and you may intake more calories than planned, whether it’s at a social event, mis-reading a label, or just being more hungry. Here are a few great tips to remember during these times:

  • Don’t feel like you need to adjust your food intake to ‘make up’ for the over-consumption. Unless you have a time-sensitive goal where every little speck counts (maybe 1% of people reading this) then it’s not necessary. It’s a bad habit to take on (almost like binge-restrict.)

  • Remember that there’s a new day to give it your best shot. Whatever happened, happened. Start the next day with a clear mind and hit your targets.

  • Review the situation and learn from it. Maybe you didn’t read the food label correctly or you felt pressured by a group to have what you did. Learn from the experience and see the signs so you can be more aware next time.

  • Don’t think of it like a fck-up, a setback or sabotaging your hard work. A few extra calories isn’t going to mess you up and put you back to the start.

Even some of the best athletes and coaches experience this sometimes and you can see them all getting right back into their routine right away. Keep moving forward and focusing on new opportunities. You’re an incredible human who is doing great things right now and you cannot be hard on yourself for something so small like this. Practice self respect and remember you have the opportunity to try again.

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