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Client Case: Confident Food Choices during Travel

I have a new client and she had upcoming travel planned. In the past, she would over-indulged in food, so she was looking for some guidance on how to track her nutrition while still being able to enjoy some new food experiences during this time. My goal as a coach—with her and every client—is to set them up for confidence, control and freedom, during and after any travel experience.

Client: “I have a question: how to manage nutrition while [traveling]? … our favorite gelato place has a spot there but not indulge in cheat meals. Just wondering how to track?”

Every client situation could be different because we account for their past habits, current mindset and future goals. I didn’t want to overwhelm her with so many options, so I started by asking her, “let's pretend it's Tuesday AM, you're back at home, waking up and reflecting on the weekend away. How do you WANT to feel, when you look back at your choices?”

Client: “happy, and by no means guilty because of my food choices.”

So that was our goal.

Coach: “where do you feel like you usually tend to have this ‘cheat meal mindset,’ like with a certain meal in the day or kind of food?”

Client: “with ice cream.” (gelato)

She was going to be gone for 3 days, and we knew she wasn’t going to eat out every single day,

Coach: “let's set a structure around this: how do you feel about setting a structure of 2 scoops in total? Space them out, or all at once. Do you think that's something you can feel confident, in control, and capable with? do you think that's realistic for you?”

Client: “2 scoops it is! … a great plan about the meals and I’ll follow it for sure!”

So this beautiful client went off on her beautiful adventure and enjoyed her beautiful experiences.

This was her check-in reply upon returning:

Client: (says to her husband) “I've discussed this with Courtney and I'm going to have 2 scoops the whole stay.”

Husband: “That's awesome, I'll do the same!”

(At the gelato place)

Husband: “I want one scoop in a cone.”

Client: “I want 1 scoop in one of the smallest paper cups that you have.”

Husband: “Ok, I want the same.”


Husband: “Who are you and what have you done with [client] ?!”

Client: (message to Coach) “[husband] has always been the ‘voice of the wisdom’ regarding food choices in our family and being a wiser decision maker made me feel sooooo proud of myself :) Thank you so so so much!!!!”

Not only is this spouse support incredible, so is this client confidence! These are the kinds of wins we create with our clients when we work together.

Although this can all seem so simple, we know nutrition isn’t necessarily easy. If you’re tired of spinning your wheels and trying to figure this out on your own, I encourage you to connect with our team > Let us meet you where you are, regardless of your lifestyle and past diet history, and develop systems that truly work for your goals and sustainable success.

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