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8 Master Tips to Improve your Lifestyle

We can all agree that ideas are better collaborated together versus alone. Our incredible team of coaches have teamed up to give you 8 of our best tips for anyone wanting to improve their lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced gym goer, have never owned a gym membership or don't feel like this is the 'best time' to start; these tips can be applied to anyone at any point in life. And that’s why these are the best tips; because anyone can benefit from them. These are in no specific order of importance.

  • Go for a daily walk. This could be a long morning stroll with your dog/spouse, or a short 10-minute post-dinner walk while listening to your favourite Courtney For Life Podcast episode.

  • Increase your daily protein intake. A great way to do this is to have a source protein with every meal... but no, peanut/nut butter isn’t a protein source

  • Get yourself right! Change starts within so we need to know our why (why we are making these changes or why we want to make these changes) and believe that we are deserving of the changes we desire. Language is so powerful, including our own thoughts.

  • Take it one day, one habit at a time. Give yourself grace.

  • Daily stretching. Get some simple movement in which will build onto getting into the routine of exercise. It will prep your body, too.

  • Say no! Start by saying 'no' unless the event or ask gives you chills or as Coach Courtney says, “unless it's a full body yes, then it’s an F no.” Leave more room for YOU.

  • Read books that inspire change. One of our recommendations is The Power of NOW.

  • Have accountability. Whether it’s with a friend, significant other or a coach; track your progress, use a spreadsheet to check off your successful days/week and watch the wins stack up!

These are great foundational habits and tools that anyone can benefit from. If you’re looking to take your lifestyle to the next level and want to improve your nutrition habits, fitness abilities and mindset, visit our Coaching info page at where you can find out more about who we are, what we do and complete the inquiry form to connect with us and see how we can level up together.

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