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A FREE 5-page collection of warm up and cool down routines to compliment any strength training routine. Mix and match these movements for endless possibilities!

Unpopular truth: we all suck at (and hate to do) warm ups and cool downs when it comes to exercising.

We half-ass our way through a 2:00 walk on the treadmill and consider it enough before we start strength training. We sloth ourselves over a foam roller, do a little wiggling around and call it a cool down. And guess what? We all know this to be bologna!

READY & RECOVER gives you 4 combinations of warm up and cool down sequences that can compliment any strength training routine, whether it's a full body workout, upper or lower, or push/pull. You can even mix and match them for endless possibilities.

These only take a few minutes to do (5 to 10 minutes each if you are actually doing them properly) and there is literally no excuse not to do them. They are truly just as important as your strength workout, so if you say you don't have time then you need to check your priorities, maybe spend less time doing the strength workout, and let's be real: less time on your phone between sets.

READY & RECOVER gives you the exact guidance you need to really build warm ups and cool downs into your strength training program and know what to do in order to maximize your mobility, strength progress and recovery.

I'm giving this to you for FREE because you need it.

Click the link to download:


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