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Coaching Sponsorship

For the first time ever, Courtney For Life Coaching is offering a 6 month coaching scholarship to one highly deserving applicant, valued at over $1,500!

Here at Courtney For Life, we all know the value of what guidance from coaching can bring, In fact, the coaches at Courtney For Life have all asked for help at some point in their health journey.

We’ve learned the importance and success of coaching support with nutrition & training.

We’ve understood the value through this commitment.

Now we want to provide you the opportunity of experiencing this value.

We’ve taken what we’ve learned in our years of collective experience and poured this into our coaching.

Because we want you to experience, thrive, and succeed like we have.

For the first time ever, we are giving away 6 months of personalized coaching with one of our team coaches, valued at over $1,500 to one highly deserving applicant.

We are accepting serious applications, from those who are ready to take action.

This is a top level sponsorship opportunity that will transform your life, for life.

Applications are limited (only accepting 50 applications). Deadline to apply is April 21, 2023 at 11:59pm CST unless capacity is reached prior.

What’s included?

  • 6 months of free personalized online 1:1 coaching (you choose nutrition only, or nutrition with training combined)

  • Access to private athlete portal including +500 exercise library, resources, coaching tips and tools

  • Weekly feedback from your coach through private portal online check ins

  • Private team chat community (includes motivation thread, team support, inspiration, recipes, and more!)

Michelle court coach_edited.jpg

What do our clients look like?

We work with a large demographic of clients, but there’s absolutely some key qualities that we look for in our athletes to ensure we are a great match for success. These qualities are looked for within our Sponsorship Program, and also with our 1:1 clients:

  • Understand nutrition and that different foods affect our bodies differently;

  • Able to follow and adhere to recommendations and program guidelines;

  • Willing to learn new techniques and approaches, and trust that we will guide you to success;

  • Able to be honest with us and be comfortable communicating;

  • Understand that we, as your coach, are always going to be honest, even if the truth kind of sucks hearing; (and we respectfully know when it's necessary)

  • Familiar with our coaching background, success stories and experiences as a coach.

See some of the success amongst over 500 women we've guided towards success! You can be part of this winning team too.

Ready to apply? One last thing!


This sponsorship application is open to everyone, although we are looking for a few specific and important qualities and qualifications of this deserving recipient:

  • Understand what's required as a client and on our team (read through this page clearly!)

  • Is not a current or past client of ours

  • Is following us on social media because they are aware of our team, our coaches and our approaches.


The sponsorship recipient will be hand selected in collaboration with our team coaches. This is not a random draw. We want to ensure that the recipient matches our team dynamics, expectations, and that we can all be confident in their incredible transformation and long term success.


If you are confident you're ready and deserving of this sponsorship, please complete the form below. You will receive an automatic email reply after you submit your application confirming that your form was submitted. Please be patient and wait for Courtney to personally email you on April 22 (the day after the application timeline closes.)

Sponsorship Application

Sponsorship Application Form

Please take your time to complete the following information in as much clear detail as possible. The information you provide will give us insight into your ability to be coached, potential and willingness to succeed.

Are you set up on Zoom for a discovery call?
Are you looking for only nutrition support? Or with training as well?
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