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Testimonials with Coach Michelle

Coach Michelle has helped many men and women improve their way of life through simplified nutrition, creating new lifestyle habits, and building a healthy wellbeing.

Michelle was a great coach! She is very supportive and encouraging. I would recommend her to anyone interested in the program!



The resources and encouragement made available by Coach Michelle and the CFL Coaching team was instrumental in discovering what long term health can look and feel like.



Michelle was great! She was organized and attentive, available outside of normal weekly check ins. She was very helpful and kind.



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I was hesitant to start any nutrition program but I'm so glad I found Coach Courtney and her team. My perception around food has changed drastically and I've finally learned what my body need to function properly. Coach Michelle was always there to help; [she] has been life changing!


Where I started and where I finished were two different places, and a health journey that I didn't know I needed to go down when I started.


Michelle kept encouraging me to seek medical advice and I'm so glad I did, as I discovered I was insulin resistant. I likely wouldn't have sought out the advice when I did without Michelle's check ins.


It was a very collaborative, supportive experience. Michelle was my #1 supporter and made my plan to fit my specific training as an elite runner and my preferences. She supported me and was there to catch me if I ever fell. I’m honestly going to miss her.


I am feeling so positive about this whole experience- Michelle is great (& I know you know this!) Thank you for sharing her & introducing us!


Progress and the program are going so well! I don’t think I appreciated how challenging the consistency would be. Definitely some challenges, and it’s been transformative. While I work on my macro targets, I have noticed that I have dropped a few inches, but my weight is staying relatively the same. I’M BEYOND HAPPY! And my friends/community are taking notice.


Can I share how much this has changed my life in such a positive way!? It took time to really relax and cut down on how much I was working out. But the benefits- omg! I am SOARING at work- and it’s being noticed. I’m also making some AMAZING new friends. Like, meaningful relationships. Having some extra time and head space has been so beneficial for reflection and INTENTION! I’ve also started to say goodbye, or put up some boundaries for people, or things that weren’t serving me anymore.

I’m so grateful! I have more goals and knowing that these changes can happen with ease and patience (meaning- don’t make all of the changes all at once). This is SO rewarding and beneficial. From the bottom of my heart- thank you! I am so grateful that I put my trust in you and your team.


Coach Michelle provided some very practical tools / insights to apply in life going forward. The most important realization was that if I focus on reaching my daily goals "I can have it all!"

The personal relationship with coach Michelle enabled me to share my more difficult moments and we were able to work through those. This made me reach my set goal, going from 90kgs to 75kgs, and being able to swim with my kids, for the first time. :-)


Life changing stuf!! Ever so grateful. Thank you Michelle!


Eight months, while my progress may seem slow to others, Michelle worked with what I was able to give —raising kids, working, homeschooling— and helped me address and improve many areas, not just regarding food.


The fact that I not only made it through major holidays not gaining weight but also losing is a huge accomplishment for me. So to see my technical progress: -17 lbs and -15 inches, is an amazing feeling.


I needed to be pushed and held accountable to make the changes and be able to see the results.


Michelle was so knowledgeable and very supportive. I found her very relatable and felt very comfortable with her.



You are not just purchasing macros, you are getting an attentive and real coach, a wonderful community and some great tool/apps! This provided an amazing experience where gained a wealth of knowledge beyond just trying to meet a physical goal!


The support and guidance from Coach Michelle has taught me the importance of balance in diet, exercise and healthy weight.


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