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Testimonials with Coach Kayla

Coach Kayla has helped many women improve their way of life through simplified nutrition, progressive resistance training, and meeting clients where they are in life to establish a healthy sense of balance.

Kayla is helping me get back to routine which is getting so much easier now with the habits we’ve created!


Kayla has been fabulous. The attention to detail is amazing. She’s helped me with planning ahead for events and other life curve balls. She’s always there when I have questions and checks in.


I couldn't have a better coach. She makes me feel so comfortable. 


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I'm beyond amazed at this program as this is my 4th program and it is nothing like the other 3. It feels tailored to me and you as a coach are so invested.. I've never had that before. All your tips and tricks.. recipes.. like you make it work for me. This is also the first time that I've enjoyed working out and want more days to work out.. shocking because every other program I was like meh. I never knew what a RPE was! I've also NEVER form checked before and now I think how can you possibly do a program and not be  form checked?? This program has it all and I see myself here for a long time as I know this program changes as I do. It's not standard and I appreciate you so much!


CFL Coaching has done so much for both my physical and mental health. Kayla has taught me how to plan macros and not be so focused on perfection but small sustainable wins.  I have been able to dial in my eating and overcome emotional eating as a mechanism to deal with stress. I’m no longer terrified of social gatherings as I have a plan and don’t beat myself up for eating a cookie. Her thoughtful approach to flexible dieting has made it a part of my regular routine.


Thank you CFL Coaching for teaching me to give myself grace and understanding. I appreciate you.


You are amazing and SO great at what you do. It’s hard for someone to create a balance of pushing another individual to the potential you know they have while still validating the hardships of daily life and trying to fit it all in. You’ve mastered this balance. Coaching without shame or pushing a need to be “perfect”. I appreciate you, your healthy mindset that you share and your positivity. I love working with you and look forward to continuing for months and months!


I want to start off by saying how amazing it's been having you as a coach for the past year and a half. You've been my cheerleader, motivator, role model, teacher, and we've established a close bond that I will cherish forever. I have learned so much over the time we've spent together. I now have a much better relationship with food, understand exactly how to fuel my body to hit my goals, and have the tools to feel empowered with my choices and habits. I also know how to push myself with my workouts and how to structure them over the week to build muscle. Before now, I was completely spinning my wheels and I lacked confidence in what I was doing in my health/fitness journey.

It's been an absolute pleasure having you as a coach, knowing you've always been with me every step of the way and nudging me to set healthy habits that are now set for life. I am forever grateful to have found you and Courtney because who knows if I would have ever made it to where I am today in my strength and overall well being. I also would not have felt as confident as I did in my wedding dress!!


After gaining nearly half of my body weight in pregnancy, I turned to Kayla and the CFL Coaching team for help with my postpartum journey. I had a lofty goal in mind to fit back into my original wedding dress, purchased in 2019, by 7 months postpartum for our very postponed C* wedding. However, I also needed to be smart about how I lost weight - keeping calories up for milk supply and safely easing back into working out after a C-section. Kayla was a dream to work with - she helped me every step of the way with both fitness and nutrition to ensure I met my goals and she was my biggest cheerleader, always giving me that boost of confidence that I needed. When I wanted to get more aggressive, she told me to “trust the process” and she was so right.

After 6 months of working with Kayla, I’ve lost 27 lbs and 20” overall. Kayla is an amazing coach and I don’t think I would’ve reached my goals had it not been for her constant support and guidance. The CFL Coaching team provides a realistic program where you can eat foods you actually like, all while making progress towards your goals. The most important part of all this is how good I feel and how I’m able to show up as the best and strongest version of myself for my son and family.

I’m so thankful to have Kayla as my coach and can’t wait to continue on this fitness journey together.


Kayla was so easy to work with, and was very supportive and encouraging. 


Working with Kayla was amazing! She is so knowledgeable and really took the time to explain the changes and choices she made for me. I was paired perfectly with her! 



Fantastic. The knowledge, support and resources provided by Kayla and the CFL Coaching team is unmatched!  



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