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Results come in many forms, beyond just 'weight loss' goals. These are a few words from over 400 clients we've guided to achieving phenomenal results to become their best selves!

Life changing. Eye opening. Fulfilling. I am so happy I found Courtney.


 I learned so much and was able to implement new habits that I’m confident I will maintain for the rest of my life.


The knowledge is unmatched. I’ve never felt this level of support from a coach/program.


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I was hesitant to start any nutrition program but I'm so glad I found Coach Courtney and her team. My perception around food has changed drastically and I've finally learned what my body need to function properly. Coach Michelle was always there to help; [she] has been life changing!


After gaining nearly half of my body weight in pregnancy, I turned to Kayla and the CFL team for help with my postpartum journey. I had a lofty goal in mind to fit back into my original wedding dress, purchased in 2019, by 7 months postpartum for our very postponed COVID wedding. However, I also needed to be smart about how I lost weight - keeping calories up for milk supply and safely easing back into working out after a C-section. Kayla was a dream to work with - she helped me every step of the way with both fitness and nutrition to ensure I met my goals and she was my biggest cheerleader, always giving me that boost of confidence that I needed. When I wanted to get more aggressive, she told me to “trust the process” and she was so right.


After 6 months of working with Kayla, I’ve lost 27lbs and 20” overall. Kayla is an amazing coach and I don’t think I would’ve reached my goals had it not been for her constant support and guidance. The CFL team provides a realistic program where you can eat foods you actually like, all while making progress towards your goals. The most important part of all this is how good I feel and how I’m able to show up as the best and strongest version of myself for my son and family.

I’m so thankful to have Kayla as my coach and can’t wait to continue on this fitness journey together.



Thank you cannot reach the level of appreciation I give to Courtney.


When we began working together, I was overweight as a result of a massive rebound after competing in a bodybuilding show. After a year of deprivation and extremely low body fat levels, I was finally able to eat, and boy did I ever! Ice cream, cookies, chips, pretzels dipped in... uhm anything?! You name it, I most likely had a binge on it. I suffered from an eating disorder, and hated who I saw in the mirror. I tried to lose the weight by myself, but ultimately it came back to restricted weekdays and an evening binge or weekend cupboard rage. For the first time in my life I was lost in regards to training and weight loss, and now had to battle a debilitating mental illness.


Up came Courtney, like a sign from the universe, and my life finally changed. I became happier, healthier, and most importantly- free! I always macro tracked, but I would have never thought of doing less in the gym, not exhausting myself anymore, eating more, and losing weight! I was 160lbs, sad, embarrassed, and utterly ashamed of what I had lost from being on stage. After each check in, it only got better. More pounds down, no "cheat meals" needed, I was never hungry! I was no longer deprived! I could have my ice cream, and enjoy it too! Balance is so key, and she opened my eyes to the potential I never believed I had.


My gratitude to her timely responses, confidence, and honesty run deeply in my heart. Weight loss will always be hard, but when you have a comforting and kind person guiding you, it's no longer impossible. Now, I'm strong, and love who I see in the mirror *insert booty shake*. At a lean 135lbs, I can squat more, deadlift more, and definitely dance more! If you're in need of a coach, or life mentor, you've found one- right here- and her name is Courtney Ustrzycki.  


Working with Courtney completely changed my outlook on not only going into the gym, but she changed how I think about and emphasize my lifestyle choices, my mental health, my stress, and most importantly ME! Without her guidance, I could not have experienced my last nine months the way I did. As a woman who was told she would not be able to carry her own baby due to back issues that far precede Courtney, she helped strengthen my body and my relationship with food and checking in with my emotions in a way that I was able to carry my first baby nearly pain free compared to what I was told I would experience. I am forever grateful to and for her as a coach, friend and guide through life. She’s the type of person who lights up your life and even when your journey changes or you pause your training, she never forgets about you. She’s one of those coaches that isn’t a moment in time or a season in life; her impact on you is forever! Thank you for everything you’ve done for me; your lessons are with me daily and they’ve allowed me to have such a healthy pregnancy and I know those same healthy habits and lifestyle choices will continue in the months and years to come. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


Incredibly supportive; made me reach fitness goals I never thought I would reach!


I learn how to build a sustainable routine, [that] I’m capable of more than I thought, [and] how to give myself grace.


Stellar experience. Kayla is an expert in her field and offers compassion and understanding.


I started out with Courtney for the most common reason we all seek a PT... I wanted to lose weight, gain muscle and improve my physical appearance. 8 months later I achieved so much more than I expected.

Courtney listened to my goals and worked hard at putting together a training program (including nutrition advice and sample meal plans) that really delivered the results I was aiming for. In addition she taught me a lot about nutrition, understanding the basics and to trust to the process along the way. 

She really is interested in understanding your lifestyle and habits in order to ensure that any training plan and nutritional recommendations are realistic and achievable. The programme keeps you interested and motivated and she is always teaching you new content regarding exercise and technique. 

The accountability within the program in way of weekly check ins, tracking nutrition, weight & performance I found were the MOST important tool regarding achievement. By doing so, you develop such great habits and build consistency it’s hard not to succeed.  Courtney always made sure you were ok along the way, and implemented any changes necessary to make you perform better or make you achieve your goal for that week. She doesn’t take any nonsense and has an amazing ability to connect with people she hasn’t even met personally. She approaches fitness and nutrition head on and gets results. 

Courtney helped me regain my self esteem, she showed me how to be kind to myself, she taught me how to have a healthy relationship with food again. She liberated me from all the ‘bad food’ associations I had developed. She taught me how to love everything about myself after years of punishment. She gave me hope when I thought it was lost.  I owe her so much and am forever grateful for having her by my side to help me be the best version of my self & giving me the knowledge and ability to continue achieving on my own. 

There can be only one Courtney and I would have her be my PT any day!


It has been my joy and pleasure to work with Courtney for over a year.  She has a unique way of connecting with her clients and sharing her knowledge in ways that empower and encourage her clients to bring out the best in themselves.  She celebrates the success of her clients that goes far beyond the scale and into what truly makes us happy at our core.


Thank you Courtney for your dedication to empowering your athletes to dig deeper, achieve more, listen to our bodies, and grow in all aspects of our life.


Teaming up with Courtney was hands-down one of the best decisions I made last year.


Courtney’s on-going support (which sometimes included a little tough love) and desire to see me do better and get stronger each week was EXACTLY what I needed to start crushing my goals both physically and mentally. I feel incredibly thankful to have had the opportunity work with such a knowledgeable and well-rounded athlete and coach. 


Danielle testimonial.png

I originally asked Courtney for help when I decided that I wanted to do a photoshoot. Something that was completely out of my comfort zone, but was something I had on my bucket list. I have had previous experience with another macro coach, and compete in powerlifting. I have even taken a few of the same nutrition programs that Courtney has taken. So I’m quite familiar with having nutrition and physical goals, and living a balanced lifestyle. 

However, after struggling to hold myself accountable, putting a lot of emphasis on the number on the scale and therefore having a hard time mentally feeling good in my body, I knew I needed some outside perspective to help get not only my body but my mind ready for the challenge of a photoshoot. 

Each week Courtney would focus on my body measurements, how I was feeling and preforming in the gym and most importantly, how I felt mentally. I knew that she was always there for support and advice and would give me honest, real feedback about whatever I talked about in my weekly check ins. Throughout the 12 weeks with Courtney as my nutrition coach I lost 2 inches off of my waist, navel, and hips, dropped 5LBS and was able to improve my strength in the gym. With Courtney’s personalized approach I was able to gain the confidence to step in front of a camera and have an amazing time doing a photoshoot. Something I never saw myself doing because I never thought I would feel comfortable enough with my body and how it looked. Courtney was able to help me achieve both physical and mental goals and that’s what sets her services apart from others in the industry.


One year, it is crazy what can change in just one short year.  The easiest things to quantify of course and those which pack the biggest punch are the numbers.  I will get to those later.  First, let’s talk about what really mattered over the past year.  

When I first reached out to inquire about nutrition coaching with Courtney, I was super nervous.  I was thinking “Is she going to judge me?”, “Can I send her all of my measurements?”, “What is she going to think of me and where I am at now?”, “Will she think I am not healthy enough to do this?”, and the list goes on.  BUT, I decided to reach out to her because I had heard great things.   

What did I find, you ask? There was literally ZERO sense of judgment at all.  I did send in all of my measurements and although I cried when I sent them in, Courtney did not say anything negative, or really anything about them at all.  This was just simply a starting point, somewhere to begin on our goal crushing adventure.  Courtney was nothing but supportive and was eager to help me on MY journey with her nutrition coaching.  Courtney was so quick to respond and provide clear guidelines and assistance which is exactly what I needed.   She really took the time to get to know me and what MY goals were.  My goals, not hers.  Again, zero judgement, just a true sense of wanting to know what “her athlete” was looking for and how to get there.  

Needless to say, Courtney is a freakin’ macro genius to put it lightly.  She worked her number magic and I was seeing inches literally just fall off and fat just melt away. Guess what though? This is still not the best part!  The best part was that week by week, slowly with each check-in I became more comfortable and my mindset started to shift.  I started to realize that I wasn’t only just changing my physical body, but I was evolving mentally as well.  I started to develop a great relationship with food, I do not feel bad about anything that I eat.  I have learned through this year that everything I put into my body fuels it and sometimes that means I eat all fresh made, home cooked food and sometimes I go out to eat, I just make it fit into my macros. I am no longer focused on my weight, I have reached my original “goal weight” that I had set and am now just loving the way I feel, the energy I have and the positive experience I have had with this nutrition coaching.  

Over the last year, I have seen my energy levels go WAY up and have seen a noticeable difference in my physical performance as well.  I am able to lift way heavier and am completing workouts now in a fraction of the time that I used to finish them in.  I have never felt better!   

Not every week brought big (or sometimes any) changes but every week was guaranteed to have a great weekly check-in which is tailored to what I need and always comes with a super engaged response from Courtney and one that demonstrates that she truly cares about my progress.  I am always looking forward to sending in some weekly highlights and I know that those little successes will be celebrated together and that Courtney will be truly as proud of my progress as I am.  

Did I mention the whole macro genius thing?! Like seriously, you don’t just get lucky and help somebody to jump from 35.8% body fat to a mere 19.9% (and still trending down) body fat.  That’s right, she has in 50 weeks guided me to shave off 15.9% body fat which equates to 38.5lbs of pure body fat loss! That folks, is INCREDIBLE! This decrease of body fat has left me feeling and looking much leaner than before and I am certainly stronger too!  As far as clothing sizes go, I am literally 1/3 of the size that I was before.  The only change I made was doing nutrition coaching with Courtney.  100% satisfaction, that’s for sure!! I can’t even wait to see what this next year has in store, but I know it is going to be amazing!  


Before becoming a Courtney For Life athlete, I mentally and physically felt defeated. Although I had experience training and generally knew about 'eating healthy'—I didn't know how to put it all together. I felt uncomfortable in my skin and wanted to optimize my body physically and mentally. Right from the beginning, Courtney was extremely understanding of my needs. She paired me with my coach, Kayla. 

Working with Kayla was an amazing experience. Not only did she provide me the resources to be successful, but she was incredibly patient in explaining the why. Kayla ensured that my goals could align with my lifestyle to ensure that I could be consistent and successful. Little by little, she encouraged me to make small changes and improve my habits. Quickly I noticed a massive difference in my mentality and confidence. I felt empowered to make better choices when eating out with my friends and learned the power of moderation. 

Not only did Kayla provide support in terms of exercise and nutrition, but she went above and beyond to ensure that, week after week, I mentally focused on my goals. She taught me that sometimes 'wins' are not correlated with numbers but can be as simple as how you feel and the power gained from consistency and self-improvement. As a result, I am equipped to take my lessons learned and the resources gained from Kayla to continue my journey and success. Both Courtney and Kayla inspire me with their dedication to bettering the lives of others through a healthy lifestyle. They will remain a source of truth while I navigate my next fitness chapter.


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