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The Stronger programming is comparable to my former “3-series” training programming, like a body-building/strength training/powerlifting sort of hybrid. The Stronger programs still keep you maintaining a lean frame (we aren’t looking to ‘bulk you up’) but we’re definitely working towards making your muscle mass a lot more dense, which means we are improving the quality of muscle that we build. You won’t get inflated or bulky during this style of programming, but you are definitely going to be more defined and absolutely more confident in your physique. The Stronger program focuses on the three biggest lifts (squat, bench press, and deadlift) because those three provide the biggest bang for your buck when you’re training. We focus a lot on push and pull accessory movements, core strengthening and keep in conditioning intervals here and there, to make sure you are the best well-rounded athlete that you can possibly be. We go through volume phases as well as strength phases, and push you beyond any programming you’ve completed in the past.

This programming requires a fully functioning gym membership as we will be using a variety of machines, free-weights (dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells) as well as your body weight. For optional cardio to compliment this style of programming, you may be recommended to use cardio equipment such as a treadmill, rower, spin bike, and possibly a sled or prowler as well.

Stronger 1

  • Please know that all sales are final. No refunds will be granted. Termination of program may be processed at anytime upon Courtney's disclosure without notice. By purchasing this product you release Courtney from all liabilities. See program file for full dislaimer.

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