• Courtney Ustrzycki

Why Women Should Strength Train

Are you still hesitant to start strength training (or powerlifting) because you're worried that you're going to look like the next She-Hulk?

Currently I weigh around 116 pounds and can deadlift over 2.5x my bodyweight and you KNOW I don't look big or bulky. Let's recap on a few reasons why ladies should be training heavy and with these big movements (squat, bench press and deadlift.)

1: It’s empowering.

Trust me when I say there are few things that can compare to the feeling of bench pressing your body weight, deadlifting over twice what you weigh, or finally getting those unassisted pull ups you've been longing for!

2: It will improve your body composition.

I would say there is a direct correlation between the number of kilos you can squat, pull, and press, and what you look like in a strapless dress. Lifting weights will help you gain muscle and assist you in losing body fat. Period.

3: It’s not a boring routine.

Doing the same routine week after week will create adaptation and hinder body composition changes (fat mass versus lean mass). Simply put, if you get comfortable with your workout, you probably aren't challenging your body with enough change.

There is a famous saying that the definition of the term “insanity” is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So if you’ve been running on the treadmill for hours and not seeing any results, chances are its time for you to start lifting heavy things. 

4: You can use it.

Whether you want to pick up your nieces off the floor or carry all the grocery bags in one trip (you're a liar if you say you don't try that!), then getting stronger will help you in more ways than you realize throughout your day. 

5: It’s healthy!

The loss of bone density, specifically in post-menopausal women, is a growing concern in society. By lifting heavier loads you can reduce this risk and instead gain or at least maintain strength and power that so quickly declines as we age.

I've been coaching women for over 4 years how to feel more empowered and confident with the barbell (and any strength training.) The transformations I've seen from women it simply astounding; not just with their bodies, but their minds as well! The quality of their lives have sky-rocketed; their relationships with themselves and those close to them have improved; and their body compositions have shifted drastically. And guess what; not a single athlete of mine has ever said, "I don't want to lift this much anymore because I feel big/bulky/thick (or anything of that sort.)"

I offer custom strength training programming with both styles of nutrition that I guide with for my athletes. If you're ready to actually make a change in your life and learn how to pick up some heavy weights and build your confidence, you can review these program options on my website at courtneyforlife.com/coaching. If you have additional questions, please view my FAQ page or email me at courtney.u@live.ca

Inspired by: bossbabesandbarbells

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