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What are Macros and How to Use Them Properly (part 3/3)

Part 3: how do you get started with macros?

First of all, counting macros is a practice that you’ll need to warm up to before you really start utilising your customized macronutrient breakdown (which you can get right here!). You’ll need to use a macro tracking app to input your foods to support the macro prescribed to you. These apps allow you to input your macro breakdown and then track the foods that you eat throughout the day to help you keep track- Like a food journal only it does the math for you!! Everyone here Courtney For Life uses the app, My Macros+ (it’s the orange app in the app store) and it’s a requirement if you sign up for our Macros For Life program or any other program that we offer.

Next, you’ll need to purchase a digital food scale. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just make sure it can measure food in grams and ounces and has the ‘tare’ feature. This feature makes weighing food easier. You can find these on Amazon for about $20.

Now that you’re set up with an app and food scale, just start practicing.

What do you usually eat for breakfast? Weigh the ingredients and start plugging them into your app.

Remember to read the nutrition labels. The FDA allows for a certain amount of variance in labels, so sometimes your app might spit out something that doesn’t make sense when you use the barcode scanner feature and that's probably because the barcode on the food isn't entirely correct. Try and find a verified food entry (has a green checkmark) in your app for these occasions or use the custom feature to manually add the macronutrients into your app. Keep practising for at least 5 days if you’re new to this, you’ll catch on! Once you get on a roll, the most important advice I have for you is: adherence = results. Tracking your food during the week but not on the weekend is not going to give you results. Lying about your foods or not entering foods because you know, 'out of sight, out of mind' will also not get you results. Eating cookies in the closet doesn’t mean they’re calorie free!

Tracking macros has a purpose and it’s not forever and ever, rather a tool that you can use when you’re ready to reach a body composition goal or to check in to see how you’re doing with portions, or if you just need to get back on track. For Nutrition Coaching services, visit Courtney For Life. We have a few options to choose from that include a customized one-time macronutrient calculation to on-going nutrition coaching with options to add in a customized strength training programming. It's ok if you're feeling a little overwhelmed from all of this information. Send us a message (DM on Instagram or send Courtney an email at and we'll be very happy to chat with you to discuss your best options and the right coaching for you.

Happy Tracking!

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