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Spirulina Ginseng Post Workout Power Bowl

I promise you, algae has never tasted so good!

Have you ever eaten a form of algae or seaweed? Usually tastes pretty darn salty if ya ask me, but when you take a bite out of this Bounce Ball, you'll WISH these grew on the ocean floor!

Bounce balls are so darn nutritious AND delicious, and their Spirulina Ginseng ball had me feeling inspired to get creative after my workout. I whipped (erm... blended?!) up this recipe and got all of my nutrients packed into this power bowl.


Some healthy facts for ya:

- Spirulina is a form of algae (say what?!) and is packed full of protein, Vitamin B1, iron and calcium.

- Ginseng is a root and can improve mood and brain function, and help reduce stress.

- ALL Bounce balls (and bites!) are super delish, and always gluten-free!

REAL ingredients found in Bounce Spirulina Ginseng balls:

almonds, brown rice syrup, grape juice, gluten-free oats, brown rice flour, rice bran, raisins, sesame seeds, spirulina, vanilla extract, sea salt, panax ginseng


  • 30g Canadian Protein premium whey protein blend (I used vanilla flavour, but you could totally make this with chocolate too!)

  • 5g Fry's cocoa powder (or skip this and use the chocolate protein)

  • 5g guar gum (for that extra fluff!)

  • 10g stevia powder

  • A sprinkling of cinnamon

  • Ice cubes & water

  • 20g Nature's Path organic Honey'd Corn Flakes cereal

  • 5g Decacer organic maple flakes (I got these at Costco!)

  • 1 Bounce Spirulina Ginseng ball


  • In a blender (I used the single-serving cup of my Ninja blender) combine about 1/2 cup of water (you can adjust that as you mix depending on how thick/smooth you would like your bowl to be) as well as all the protein powder, cocoa, guar gum, stevia and cinnamon.

  • Add in about 8-10 ice cubes.

  • Blend like your life depended on it, and stir frequently as needed to ensure everything gets combined evenly.

  • Pour into a bowl and top with cereal, maple flakes, and Bounce ball (I chopped up my ball so I could get some in every bite!)

Nutrition information: for the entire recipe (as listed above)

Calories: 407.2

Protein: 31.8g

Carbs: 45.8g

Fat: 10.8g

Fibre: 3.7g

Sugar: 16.5g

If you're a user on My Macros+, follow my food journal (username: CourtneyU)


Pop over to my CHEAT SHEETS and download a printer-friendly version!

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