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Overcoming Challenges

Challenges happen in life, whether it's an unexpected event at work, a binging episode, a family crisis or a personal matter. These challenges throw us for a loop and when we are really focused on achieving health and wellness goals, they usually mess us up and can make us feel like we've taken a huge leap in the wrong direction (backwards.)

So what happens when these events come up and we feel like we've ruined our progress? Let's go through some questions that you can either jot down for yourself or send to me (Courtney, your badass bobe babe coach, who supports you wholeheartedly!) in order to understand what happened and how we can move forward.

First off, what is the situation that happened?

Deeper thinking: let's go into a bit of detail with this; if there's a series of events that took place. Let's put some effort into this question, instead of just, "I binged."

Why did this situation happen?

Deeper thinking: were you forced to go to a work after-party or a family event? Did you feel like you were being pressured?

What thoughts were going through your head during this challenge? After this challenge?

What were your thoughts/situation when you decided to follow through with this choice?

Deeper thinking: after you understood there was a situation here, you (probably) had a choice; so what made you follow through with this?

How did you feel afterwards?

Do you feel like this challenge (whether during or the feeling afterwards) helped you make forward progress towards your goals? Why or why not?

What lesson(s) can you take away from this experience?

Remember that no matter what happened, you did NOT sabotage your progress and you are NOT a failure. Things happen in life to challenge us and to make us better people. At this point in our lives, we have been through the toughest of days that we didn't think we could get through. Today is just another day that we CAN get through. You have an amazing support system between me and those who you keep close around you (friends, spouse, family, coworkers, etc) so never think that you are alone in this journey. There's so many people that you can reach out to if you just try.

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