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  • Courtney Ustrzycki

Flexible Dieting at Restaurants

So many of my clients ask me regularly about going out to restaurants while flexible dieting and tracking their macros. Of course I don’t tell them not to go, but I always ensure that they are as mindful as possible when ordering from the menu. With so many places lately trying to make healthier menu options with allergy awarenesses, I’ve put together a list of many local restaurants that provide an online nutrition menu so you can look ahead of time and see what best fits your macros!


The Works – Nutrition Menu

The Works – Allergen Menu



Casey’s Bar & Grill



Olive Garden – Nutrition Menu

Olive Garden – Allergen Menu


Baton Rouge (currently being updated for new menu)

Boston Pizza

Outback Steakhouse

Shoeless Joe’s

The Keg – Nutrition Menu

The Keg – Allergen Menu

Swiss Chalet

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