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7 Habits for Success

It’s no secret that being an adult is hard! Honestly, how do our parents make it seem so easy? Being focused in today’s society is a challenge in its own; we’re distracted by so much social media, flashing banners and catchy signs, 3-for-2 taco promos (or is that just me?), discounts and deals, highlight reels and obscene expectations. It seems like it’s nearly impossible to be successful when it comes to our personal health goals!

Thankfully, I’m here to save the day! Ok, well, maybe just share some tips for you...

1. Plan ahead

When it comes to any goal that’s important to you, it’s crucial to plan ahead. It’s absolutely necessary, not an option. Although you don’t need to necessarily follow a ‘meal plan’ per say, planning out your meals ahead of time can really help with your focus. With my coaching practice, I recommend to my clients to play ‘food Tetris’ the night before and input meals into their food log ahead of time. This way when they wake up, they minimize stress by already having a plan. It’s done, there’s nothing much to think about. Sure, it might change here and there with timing and portion sizes, but the beautiful part of flexible dieting is that you ‘can’ absolutely change around your meals throughout the day and still achieve your goals without feeling like you ‘ruined’ your day. It all comes down to planning ahead.

2. Know your WHY

In any situation, it’s important to remind yourself why you are on on this journey and why (or how) your choices affect your progress and goals. Why do you have this goal? Why is it important to you? Being aware of your purpose will help keep you aligned.

3. Seek support

Whether it’s a coach, a best friend or a Facebook group page, having support from others who are on similar journeys can keep you accountable and enjoy the journey. But your supporters don’t have to be on the same journey as you in order to align with you. For example, my Dad is my biggest supporter but he doesn’t follow flexible dieting or practice strength training. What’s most important is that he believes in me entirely, and that’s what the support crew is all about! Having the same vision as your crew is a bonus, it’s not crucial.

4. Build routines

Setting up routines will turn into a mindless habit, making the journey much easier. Here are some examples:

Dedicating one day a week to preparing bulk foods (meal prep Sunday is the common one!)

Setting an alarm on your phone as a cue to begin a wind-down routine at the end of the day

Planning your meals into your food log the night before

Committing to the gym on certain days/times (maybe take part in Monday’s International Chest Day?)

5. Understand seasons

There will be highs and lows in your journey. That isn’t just in relation to nutrition, but everything in life. You need to have the ebbs and flows of life in order to understand, respect and appreciate balance, and to build a healthy and sustainable foundation. Remember the big picture and be understanding of non-linear progress. It doesn’t mean you’re not progressing forward, it just takes some time to adjust. This will help you stay focused and aligned with your WHY.

6. Stay honest

Being honest not only with yourself, but with your supporters is so important. Again, another crucial element for success. When you are honest, you can make more progress. False information (data) won’t get you far, so it’s better to be open and honest in order to overcome the challenges. This includes open and honest communication with your coach (if applicable.) Otherwise, how are they supposed to guide you when they don’t know what’s going on?

7. Understand that it’s a process

Especially when it comes to a healthy food mindset, results aren’t going to happen overnight. Even after years of tracking food, we can still have unhealthy thoughts relapse, so it’s important to understand that mistakes and challenges will occur from time to time. This is why being honest, having a support system and remember what’s important to you are all crucial elements for success.

I hope these tips have helped! If you’re looking for more info like this, check out my blog and all my other free info on my website under the FREEBIES category. Make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletters to get these new posts delivered to you without moving from your chair (ahh, convenience!)

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