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7 Tips for Better Sleep

Seems like the older we get, the less we prioritize our sleep – but the more we actually need it! Ya, adulting is hard, and having a quality sleep regime is nearly impossible these days with so many distractions.

Good news is that our squad of super star coaches teamed up and are sharing 7 best tips to help with getting better sleep:

  1. Set up a bedtime routine. This can include an intentional decrease from screen time, reading a book (preferred a physical book instead of a digital ebook) or listening to an audio book, stretching or journalling.

  2. Drink room temperature water before bed. It helps keep your body temperature regulated through the night, encouraging deeper and more quality sleep.

  3. Implement a form of meditation. How this looks for everyone can be so different; it doesn’t have to be the process of sitting on a fluffy puffy floor pillow with your feet crossed and eyes closed. Finding a good meditation YouTube video to listen to could be an option and playing it while you lay down to sleep.

  4. Listen to low fi sounds/music. There are apps for this, but also really awesome bedtime playlists on Apple music. One of our coaches said that her husband asks her to turn it on now! Everyone wins!

  5. Use the ‘bedtime reminder’ action button on your phone. It will help maintain consistency with your bedtime.

  6. Go to bed earlier! Aim for 10 minutes earlier each night until you've reached your goal. 7-9 hours of sleep/night is a great goal to have.

  7. Block it all out. Black-out curtains, a sleep mask and ear plugs are all easy supplements to help your sleep.

These have been successful tips that our coaches and clients have implemented to improve their sleep; anyone can benefit from these. If you’re looking to take your lifestyle to the next level and want to improve your nutrition habits, fitness abilities and mindset, visit our Coaching info page at where you can find out more about who we are, what we do and complete the inquiry form to connect with us and see how we can level up together.

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