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5 Ways to Start the New Year with Confidence

This post was created by my team of Confident babes at Marigold, the women's confidence app to boost you up in all areas of your fierce and feminine life! It was such a good email this morning that I just had to share it!

It’s a new year, which means self-reflection and a fresh perspective on the year ahead! Setting attainable, clear goals is a great way to build confidence, so we’ve kept these tips reasonable and listed our 5 favorite ways to kick off the new year with confidence!

1. Groom Yourself Each Day

Take a few extra minutes each morning to add something new to your grooming routine. Put on your favorite outfit, style your hair a certain way or try a new skin toner - whatever works for you and makes you feel good. This may seem obvious and sound superficial, but look good feel good is a real thing. You don’t need to change everything at once, one little change can go a long way and make a huge difference to your self-esteem. You’ll be better equipped to take on your day and accomplish your goals, all while gaining more confidence. Looking your best, leads to feeling your best, and feeling your best is simply empowering!

2. Create a Realistic Weekly Exercise Plan

Have you ever committed to getting fit at the start of the new year? Chances are it’s been at the top of your resolutions list, and all for good reason. Not only does exercise benefit you physically, it’s also the ultimate confidence booster. According to research, exercise has some direct stress-busting benefits: Regular exercise pumps up your mood, sheds daily tensions, improves your sleep and increases overall self-confidence. So what’s not to love, right? But in order to stick to a new workout routine, it’s important to start off slow and come up with a realistic plan. Don’t aim to hit the gym 7 days a week at 5am, all while working long hours. You’ll get burnt out in no time and fall off track. Coming up with a sensible game plan will help you stick to your goals and set yourself up for long term success.

3. Try Something New

The more you know, the more confident you will become. So why not make 2020 your year of learning? Not only will you enrich your life, but you’ll improve your confidence along the way. Whether it’s taking an art class, learning a foreign language or joining a book club, find something that interests you and try it out. Put yourself out there and you may find a new passion that positively affects your life.

Not sure where to even begin? Volunteer for a charity that peaks your interest. This act of kindness will open yourself up to a new learning experience and will also help others. Knowing you’re doing a good deed gives you a sense of pride and identity that will undoubtedly boost your confidence.

4. Add One New Friend to Your Life

Challenge yourself to make a new friend or reconnect with an old friend. Having close friendships and creating connections with others can give you confidence. In fact, studies have shown that older adults with more connections are more likely to live longer than their peers who have fewer friendships. So how can you foster these new friendships and hold on to the meaningful ones? It doesn’t just happen. It’s up to you to take the initiative and create a plan of action. Think about where and how you will put yourself out there to find a new friend. If it’s a previous or current friendship, what steps will you take to strengthen and invest in this relationship? Decide on which friendships are most important to you and be open to new ones.

Friendships are all about supporting and being there for one another, so commit yourself to the people that build you up and inspire you and be sure to do the same for them. Making meaningful connections with others is truly what life's all about.

5. Write Down Your Goals

The first thing we want you to do in the New Year is to get yourself a journal! Set clear intentions, take some time to think about your goals, and write them down. Yes, write them down. It’s that simple. Research shows that you’re more likely to accomplish your goals if you write them down so that you can visually see them. Get as specific as possible and they will come to life. Studies have also shown that sharing your goals with others and making them public in some way will help you better reach your goals and stay accountable. So grab your pen and paper and start writing. We promise, you’ll be much more likely to achieve your goals by doing this one simple thing.

Listening to Marigold will give you the extra boost of confidence to take these actions into your own life. That action is what leads to major confidence gains. Here’s to a new year, a new you and a ton of new confidence!

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