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5 Ways to Save your Energy

Are you feeling taxed? Is your engine warning light on?

Here are 5 ways to turn off those warning lights!

BONUS: pro-tip at the end! Are you always so busy that you have literally no time for yourself and at the same time feel physically awful? Run down and burnt out beyond your capacity to keep up with your daily life? Sharing pictures on social media of the mountains of laundry and your empty refrigerator, complaining that your schedule is always full with appointments from the moment you wake to the moment your head hits the pillow only to be gifted with horrible sleep?

Spoiler alert: all of your engine warning lights are on. This is your sign! Why though? Why are you gravitating toward being so busy that all of those engine lights are on? Is it a badge of honour to be that busy? Does being so busy distract you from facing the responsibilities that are most important in life? Do you just have a hard time saying no?

How can you fix this? No, not duct tape... By implementing these 5 simple changes into your daily life, you get turn off those warning lights.

Here are 5 ways to turn those warning lights off that are making you physically taxed. 1. Stop saying yes and start saying no.

If the offer that’s being presented to you, whether it’s being asked to join the PTA, ASPCA, the book club or going for a coffee to pick your brain, you are allow you say no - unless your entire body is saying yes. You’re 100% not obligated to say yes to anything that ultimately doesn’t serve you. With that said, you’re also allowed to step away; slowly step away from that second book club or parent-teacher association. If anything, your friends will be proud of you for finding space in your week that’s just for you.

2. Get yourself on a daily exercise program. Walk before work or at lunch time, or even after dinner. Do this every day. If you’re not already engaged in daily exercise, walking is a great starting point .Walking reduces stress and can improve your mental clarity, work productivity, sleep quality and encourage a healthier body composition. Being out in nature and getting fresh air is the best medicine for reducing your warning lights.

3. Turn your phone off at least 2 hours before bedtime. Get off your phone at least 2 hours before your intended bedtime. Blue light can affect your sleep more than you like to think, even if it's nothing stimulating that you're scrolling through. Are you finding that your phone lulls you to sleep or worse, gets you riled up? Both aren’t good for establishing quality sleep. If you struggle with removing screen time 2 hours ahead of sleep, you could start slowly at 30 minutes and work your way up. Let's turn off that insomnia by turning off your phone.

4. Drink more water. If you have no idea how much water you’re drinking each day then it’s definitely not enough .As a human race, we are perpetually dehydrated. Consider upping your water intake. The recommended daily water intake is between 90-120oz of water depending on your human size and activity level. Don’t wait to be thirsty to drink water. You may find your warning lights start to turn off merely by tracking your water daily; you’ll experience less headaches, brain fog, fatigue and improved energy levels just by drinking more water. And no, your diet coke is not considered water.

5. Ask for HELP. Hey friend, it’s ok to ask for help. There are no rules on who should be doing what job around your house and you do not have to do it all. Turn off those warning lights by delegating tasks. Delegate at your job, at home and if you have the means to: hire out. Purchase a couple of meal kits to take the pressure off meal planning. And honestly, if you think it could help, talk to a professional. Yes, I'm talking about therapy. Talking to a professional (and especially someone outside of your close circle who knows nothing about your relationships and wouldn't be subjective on their feedback) about what’s going on in your life can help with your warning lights. It takes courage and effort, but by asking for help, you’re improving your quality of life immensely. *Pro-Tip: implementing all of these tips on day 1 may be too much for you. Slow and steady change will improve your engine. Try one of these tips per week; ensure they are in good standing before you add another one. Start with the seemingly easiest one for you right now. One may be harder to implement than the other and you may need a couple weeks or even a month to master it and that’s 100% ok.

If you’re interested in getting guidance on your nutrition and lifestyle habits, our team at CFL Coaching is here to help you. See our program details, meet our coaches and submit your inquiry form at

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