You've got your customized macro targets and here are a couple more free files we want you to use to improve your understanding and success. Enjoy!

Best practices and tips for your macro-tracking success

We put together quite an extensive list of best tips to ensure you are successful with your macro-tracking - more than just for this next month - for life. We've even linked some bonus resources for you from podcast episodes to blogs to cheat sheets.

Revised version of Courtney's Balanced Nutrition eBook

No one else gets the revised version of this ebook, only you! Ok, and the other awesome humans who sign up with Macros For Life. But that's it! This updated version includes the purpose and benefits of our flexible dieting approach to nutrition, travel tips, tracking alcohol, more information about our favourite My Macros+ app as well as 2 delicious recipes added by your macro coach, Michelle!

This is our most popular ebook out of the 3 and we want to make sure you have the best of the best.

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