The greatest work of someone's life; the creation that has been shaped with skill, profundity and workmanship.

Using your body to build your body.

A complete 12-month progressive strength program to build your best masterpiece

Because you’re busy and are tired of not following a structured plan or continually bookmarking IG swipe workouts.


Stop wasting your time with nonsense complex movements. Learn the basics and why they actually work. Stick to purposeful movements, because these are the ones that build your body. No fancy commercial gym set up required. Using your body weight and free weights like dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

What does MAGNUM OPUS include?

  • 4-month progressive strength training phases (a macrocycle; includes 2x 7-week microcycles each followed by a deload week)

  • A total of 3 macrocycles for each training option, to total 48 weeks of workouts

  • Each microcycle will have a slight variation in movements to keep you engaged, and still allow for strength development

  • 48-80* workouts in total, including progression options for all levels of athletes

  • 60-minute (approximate) sessions to ensure you maximize your time spent in the gym!

  • All exercise video demos included, so you understand exactly how your reps should look for optimal muscle growth

*Choose between 3 weekly training options: 3, 4, or 5 sessions per week

Hold on, strong friend... there's more!


  • Follow along on our exclusive Courtney For Life training app so you can build your masterpiece from the convenience of your phone no matter where you are!

  • Connect with a community of strong athletes just like yourself for motivation, inspiration and support

  • Receive access to our exclusive fitness coach for individual support via instant messaging, progress check ins, form check review, modification assistance and live video calls

  • In-app offers and valuable discounts on products and supplements

  • A FREE copy of READY & RECOVER, a complete warm up & cool down mobility series

Why did I create MAGNUM OPUS?

I created MAGNUM OPUS because this was what I needed in my fitness journey. I needed a program with structure that could fit into my lifestyle, not something I had to change my entire life for. I wanted guidance from a trusted Coach, but didn't want (or need!) to commit to weekly check-ins. I didn't need coaching guidance with my nutrition; I simply wanted to focus on having a realistic workout program that I could adhere to for long-term success.

And if that's something that I needed, I know I'm not the only one!


So that's what I created it!


And it's for YOU, no matter what your lifestyle entails!


You choose how many workouts you want to commit to each week, and we progress with that. You choose the level of input you want to provide this programming. And no matter what, we'll make progress.

With MAGNUM OPUS, we still connect with you so that it's not just a program you download online and left to fend on your own. Our Expert Coach sticks with you, but we aren't tied to weekly check ins. This allows you to continue your life on your own means, and we're here every month to give you feedback and help you progress with your strength workouts.

I'm sure you still have some questions to be answered before building your BEST self. I got you covered on that!

Click here to watch my YouTube video that goes into more details about MAGNUM OPUS so that you can feel absolutely confident and understand what's expected of the program and of you to build your best self!


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We are now accepting applicants for our NEWEST round of MAGNUM OPUS! We keep this community limited so we can ensure quality attention and support for each athlete. Please complete the form below if you are interested in joining MAGNUM OPUS. Upon form submission, Head Coach Courtney will email you back and notify you of the projected start date.

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