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A customized one-time macronutrient adjustment based on your lifestyle and future goals.

We understand that not everyone needs long-term coaching when it comes to nutrition support. We just need a little guidance in order to ensure we are on the right path for our goals, and that’s what Macros For Life is here for.

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What does MACROS FOR LIFE include?

  • In-depth application form submission to gather lifestyle information, health habits, current nutrition intake and realistic goals

  • 30:00 post-application phone consultation to review information

  • Customized macronutrient breakdown

  • Sample meal day

  • Updated version of Courtney’s Basic Nutrition Principles eBook (this revised version isn't available anywhere else!)

  • Collection of our coach’s best tips and recommendations for nutrition success

  • 7 and 30 day follow ups for accountability and progress

Macros For Life is led by Coach Michelle; our leading expert in nutrition and lifestyle success! See more about Michelle on our Coaches page.

What's necessary before starting?

Before completing the application form, we require you to track for at least 3 days using the My Macros+ food tracking app. This is mandatory to collect data to see what your honest average intake is like so that we can ensure we are setting you up for success with your new macros.


Macro Tracking Checklist

This program doesn’t teach the basics on how to track macronutrients; you need to have an understanding of this protocol prior to completing the application form and committing to this program.

What happens after?

30 days after your start date, your coach will follow up with you to review your progress. After these 30 days, your next steps can include one of these options:

  1. Continue to progress on your own independently and thank your coach for their support.

  2. Receive a second adjustment (package options below) as long as you have been honest and accurate with your last 30 days (otherwise a new set of numbers isn’t going to work if the first one wasn’t applied properly and adhered to).

  3. Commit to accountability support or take your goals to the next level with 1:1 long-term coaching through Courtney For Life.

Hold up! If you've never tracked macros before (or don't have honest experience) ...

Then we truly don't encourage you to sign up for this. Why? Because we don't want you to feel like a failure if you don't have the experience and self accountability habit(s) developed to make this work. This is an independent program and you need to be able to follow through and be accountable with yourself. Otherwise, it's an honest waste of your time and money and we don't want that for you. This isn't for everyone.

If you are really interested in this program but don't have the experience, this is what we strongly encourage:

Commit to 6 months of coaching with us, 1:1 with true weekly accountability. 4 months is the minimum commitment for our 1:1 coaching and it can truly give you a better understanding of what it's like to track your macros, how to manage flexibility with life situations and social events, and truly get a grasp on adherence. Then, if you want to venture on your own, communicate with your coach that you want to transition into Macros For Life and we can set you up for your independent success.

Here are 3 resources that you can review when beginning your new macro-tracking journey: 

Blog: The Power of Flexible Dieting

Infographic: getting started with tracking macros

Infographic: measuring raw vs cooked foods

Information and the inquiry form for 1:1 coaching is available on the Coaching page.

The best gift you can give yourself this holiday season
(and FOR LIFE) is an improvement of your health.
Get your customized macro adjustment for $250

(you can opt for a second adjustment for an additional $60)

Why this price?

Other coaches offer one-time adjustments for much less, but they also include much less than we do. Everything that we do on our team is of high value, quality and ethics. We don’t just toss you 3 simple numbers and let you be on your way. Throughout this month our coaches spend about 3 hours with you (data collection, program creation, follow ups). We also include years of combined knowledge and education in the ebook, files and real human support that you receive.

The optional second adjustment is only $60 more, offering an additional review, adjustment and 30-day follow up connection. This must be used within 2 months from date of program purchase. In comparison, online 1:1 nutrition coaching with our team for long-term success is $150/mo (with a minimum 4-month commitment). You get much more communication, connection and assistance, but we understand that maybe a minimum $600 protocol isn’t what you want or need at this time.

Pricing in Canadian Dollars. No refunds, no exceptions.

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