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Nutrition Infographics

Simple, straight-to-the-point information that's easy to understand and apply. Click the images to expand.
Coaching program options
Nutrition pyramid
Benefits of more protein
Is your diet working?
Visual portion size guide
Alcohol macro tracking
All about collagen
Converting raw vs cooked foods
Seafood macronutrients
Tips to consume more calories
Optimize your training
Nutrition comparison: fruit
What a powerlifter eats
Dairy alternatives
Types of protein powders
Successful meal prepping
Weight loss versus fat loss
Combat evening hunger
Fat loss difficulties
Daily protein intake
Potatoes: sweet versus white
Setting your macro intake
Warm ups & cool down
Nutrition comparison: rice cakes
Nutrition myths
Understanding the 80/20 balance
Getting started with tracking macros
Optimize training recovery
Workout supplements
Eat the rainbow
Weight loss funnel analogy
Canadian Protein flavour packs
How to begin your journey
Benefits of coffee consumption
Macro utilization during exercise
Sleep deprivation
Nutrition comparison: watermelon
What to do when you over eat
10 tips to get back on track
Tips to ease your appetite
Counting calories
Mindful Portions: success stats
What do I do as a nutrition coach?
Tracking uncooked versus cooked food
Weight loss diets
Tips when eating at restaurants
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