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Canadian Protein Supplement Discount

I first used Canadian Protein supplements (unflavored BCAAs powder) in 2015 and that was my gateway into the CanPro world. I started trying more of their products and really enjoyed the cheaper price yet superior quality. I have food intolerances to most dairy products and a lot of whey protein powders, but I've never had an issue with CanPro's powders. That's how you know they provide top quality ingredients!

Actually, I was their first official sponsored athlete back in 2016!

CanPro offers the largest catalog of products from protein powders to pre workouts to single-source ingredients so you can make your own mixes. I personally love to do that with my pre workouts.

Even living in Mexico, they continue to support me and my lifestyle, throughout all my competitions. That alone is a huge reason why I appreciate them so much!

Their customer service, their delivery (Canada and USA) and their amazing products makes it a no-brainer for me to continue to choose them and to encourage others to use them as well. I don't push supplements with my clients, but if they are going to use anything, I always encourage CanPro.

If you're a newbie to CanPro, click the link to get 5% off your first order.

If you're a badass human with CanPro in your veins, please continue to support me and use this affiliate link to order your products. This tells the CanPro team that you're one of my friends and I get a bounce-back from your order. Thank you!

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