Culture (noun): the quality in a person/society for what is regarded as excellence; development or improvement of the mind by education or training

Culture is a Facebook community for like-minded individuals, who care for a healthy lifestyle. This group includes current Athletes, past Athletes, and anyone who may be interested in becoming an official part of the team in the near future.

If you want to be able to connect with Courtney more personally for nutrition and training support without yet committing to 1:1 online coaching, then Culture is the perfect solution for you!


  • available access for anyone to join (you don’t have to be on the official team)

  • weekly LIVE Facebook video chats with Courtney to connect and answer questions

    • you can submit questions if you are going to miss a LIVE chat, and all videos can be replayed later

  • first access to all information (including discounts, new content and exclusive offers)

  • giveaways (including Canadian Protein, JiMMY Bars, Marigold Confidence and more)

  • meet with new friends (find new gym buddies and accountability partners), share your success, connect with current athletes

  • invite industry peers to provide additional information, answer questions and have LIVE video chats

  • connect with some of the Elite Athletes and obtain their feedback (experiences, life hacks and helpful tips for success)

  • regular Challenges to get involved in to build self confidence, improve nutrition habits, and create a more active lifestyle

  • receive FREE workout routines and downloads that would otherwise be purchased on the SHOP page


  • request Group access on Facebook (be sure to answer the 2 questions)

  • Stripe invoice will be set up & emailed within 24 hours

  • once invoice has been fulfilled, membership will automatically transfer to monthly withdrawal

  • opt-out is available but may take up to 30 days to process (based on Stripe regulations)


* current members of Court’s Athletes are automatically part of the Culture without additional membership