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Who is Courtney?

A passionate entrepreneur who provides a unique approach to living a happy, healthy and confident lifestyle through balanced nutrition and strength training...
And now supported by assistant coaches to help more amazing humans like you!


Nutrition, Strength, Mindset & Confidence Coach

Bold and ambitious entrepreneur

International competitive IPF  powerlifter & strength athlete

International competitive NPC bikini fitness athlete

Sponsored athlete (Canadian Protein)

Confidence coach (Marigold App)

Health Mindset coach

Fitness brand ambassador (LuluLemon)


Successfully coaching clients online since 2015, Courtney promotes a healthy lifestyle beyond just food and fitness. As a woman who has a history of mental health issues and mild eating disorders, she has turned these weaknesses into strengths, and uses them to teach others how to thrive in their own journeys.


Whether it’s the barbell or with nutrition, Courtney approaches her opportunities and challenges head-on and with purpose. Courtney educates her athletes with science-backed research from formal education and certifications, workshops and seminars from industry leaders, and from her own personal experiences. She has created a community of athletes who have learned to fuel their body with quality nutrition and supplementation, and shape their physique through strength training. She focuses on teaching women the empowerment of strength training and the importance of fuelling the body with balanced nutrition.


Although she may not be the biggest or the strongest, she is confidently one of the most passionate, honest, and hard-working athletes in the industry.


Growing up I participated in a fair amount of extracurricular activities. When I was really young I took gymnastics, dance, baseball and figure skating. School sports didn’t happen until high school, where I played football, rugby and badminton. In college I played a little bit of rugby, touch football and badminton. Although I seemed to be relatively active throughout my younger years, it wasn’t until my third year of college (after I had put on that Freshman 15, erm, 20…) when I actually got a gym membership, wanting to make a change.


I was a typical college girl; looking at all of the Oxygen and other fitness magazines, wanting to be skinny like them. I followed those workout programs hoping one of those 7-Days to Shredded Abs and Lean Legs would actually work for me. Endless hours at the gym were spent on doing cardio circuits, trying to get that ideal image of being fit. Well, what I thought was ideal anyway. With consistent workouts and a very mild introduction to actually using weights in the gym I did notice some overall changes with my body composition and overall performance, but I wasn’t satisfied. I knew there had to be more than just those cardio workouts to get me to where I really wanted to be. In February 2012 I had made the decision to give up poor nutrition choices, my constant weekend benders at the bars, and actually commit myself to long-term health and better fitness.


I went many ups and downs of ‘health and fitness’ (I use that term somewhat loosely, because this industry has a twisted view of what that really is sometimes) in the last 4 years. I gained weight, I lost weight. I put on some lean muscle, I lost some body fat. I went through only eating organic foods to only eating raw foods. I did the Paleo diet, ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting and even went vegan for a little bit too. I saw results in each of these fads, but the problem was that once I plateaued, I was stuck. It’s not that these diets didn’t work – they did – until they didn’t anymore. Then I was stuck. October 2014 was my next turning point, where I was introduced to reverse dieting from Sohee Lee and Layne Norton.


These days you can find me working abroad (currently living in Mexico!) as an online coach. I practice a flexible approach to nutrition with all of my clients, because when your nutrition is correct, you will be successful, no matter what your goals are. You cannot out train a poor diet. Being aware of what foods you are sensitive or allergic to is extremely important, and then the rest is just a numbers game with flexible dieting. Don’t get me wrong, training is important as well, but you do need to have a balance of both nutrition and training to ultimately get to your goals. This isn’t just a business for me; it’s truly my passion. If I can help one single person become better each and every single day, I know I am successful.

  • Strength System International Certification (CHFI, 2021)

  • Health Mindset Coaching Certification (KJO Coaching, 2020)

  • Neurolinguistic Programming (Udemy, 2020)

  • Genetic Wellness Accreditation (AGS, 2018)

  • Advanced Cert. in Sports & Exercise Nutrition (Shaw Academy, diploma, 2017)

  • Advanced Cert. in Personal Nutrition (Shaw Academy, diploma, 2016)

  • Personal Nutrition (Shaw Academy, diploma, 2016)

  • Diet & Weight Loss Management (Shaw Academy, diploma, 2016)

  • Sports Nutrition (Shaw Academy, diploma, 2016)

  • Learn 2 Lift Workshop (Travis Mash, MashElite, 2015)

  • Olympic Weightlifting Workshop (Kevin & Grame Gentle, 2014)

  • Intro'n to Olympic Weightlifting (Bryan Marshall DTS, certificate, 2014)

  • Introduction to Kettlebells (Chris Lopez DTS, certificate, 2014)

  • Level 1 (Kevin Darby DTS, certificate, 2014)

  • FirstAid (Red Cross, 2014)



To elevate your way of life; to guide you to eat with balance, lift with passion, and live with confidence.


Telling the truth of myself towards my clients


Truly believing in all of the products that I promote


Practice what I preach


Acknowledging non-disclosure and confidentiality with clients


Only speaking highly of each and every client


Staying committed throughout coaching terms and relationships with clients


Not giving up because of difficulties

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