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Assistant Coaches

The better we can connect, the better we can grow together! Meet the CFL Coaching team of qualified and passionate women.
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Kayla started working with Courtney in 2018. She's learned the power that comes with fuelling her body for performance and she's proven to be one of the hardest working Athletes!

Kayla is very passionate about health, fitness and nutrition and she wants to change this industry for the better. She brings to this team the confidence and influence to make positive lifestyle changes, beyond just a physical appearance. She wants to teach clients how to understand and overcome fad diets and make positive lifestyle changes that will benefit them for years to come.

Kayla's coaching superpower is her compassion. Taking Courtney as her role model, she wants her clients to succeed and feel confident in themselves.

Kayla eventually wants to be independent as a coach and successfully have her own business, but for now, she's so grateful to be part of Courtney For Life; to be able to do this full time and be able to do what she loves every day.

Certifications: ISSA CPT, PN Level 1, Connected Coach Academy

Fun bit about Kayla:

Kayla's terrified of something touching her in the water (in a lake or ocean!)

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Michelle started as a client with Courtney back in 2016 to learn more about flexible dieting and incorporating resistance training to complement her passion for a healthy lifestyle.

Michelle has over 16 years of experience when it comes to nutrition, both with educated qualifications and personal experience. She brings an element of confidence to the team and can relate to women who struggle with consistency.

Michelle's superpower is her relatable experiences. She is a mother of 3 athletic kids, a wife, and has overcome challenges like thyroid health. She brings relatable and sustainable experience and simple applicable tools to the team that can help anyone feel comfortable and successful.

Michelle wants to continue to help others through nutrition in the coming years. She is interested in debunking diet myths and educating clients on sustainable and healthy ways to reach goals through nutrition and mindset. 

Certifications: BHSc, PN Level 1

Fun bit about Michelle:

When Michelle was younger, she wanted to be a dolphin trainer! It makes sense as she was a Division 1 NCAA 200m butterfly-er!

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 Emily began as a client with Courtney in 2019. She's learned how to choose nutrient-packed foods that help her live better and perform in the gym more optimally.

Emily is very confident helping clients find a starting point with nutrition and making a plan that aligns with their goals. She is very comfortable to talk about nutrition and combatting common myths and fads. She preaches simplicity that helps clients feel more comfortable and confident in making lifestyle changes. Emily brings 100% authenticity to the team, Also, she thinks she’s hilarious, but you can be the judge of that!

Emily’s coaching superpower is the ability to simplify something down and make it seem more realistic and attainable for anyone, individually.

Emily wants to start her own coaching business and her commitment to this team is helping her to learn and progress faster than she would on her own.

Certifications: NASM, CNC & CPT

Fun bit about Emily:

She swam in the Mediterranean Sea under a full moon in France, even though she's terrified of open water! She also competed in a triathlon, coming in 4th place out of 100. She said she would have gotten 3rd, but she ran off course and nobody could tell her to turn around because her music was too loud. She was trying to drown out the fact that she was willingly doing competitive cardio!

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Jess has been an Athlete on the team since 2018. She’s been through phases of building muscle, losing fat, photoshoot prep and performance-based goals, all while developing a very successful positive mindset.


Jess loves teaching and helping others and she brings passion to the team. She takes her fitness lifestyle very seriously and her passion inspires others to be great in their own way. She’s a great team player and more importantly an amazing team leader.


Jess’ biggest strength is her organization and adherence to schedules, which allows her to work proficiently with clients. Her coaching superpower is her ability to simplify information and instructions so that her students (clients) can understand in the style that’s best for their learning.


Jess wants to continue to grow as a coach in years to come. Through her education and constant personal development, she continues to learn skills that can be applied to anyone’s lifestyle that will help her to be the best.


Certifications: AQ of Physical Education I/S, Flexibility and Mobility Instructor, DLD-OFNC


Fun bit about Jess:


Jess has been a teacher for over 10 years and teaches a variety of courses including Italian to teenagers. She loves volunteering in elderly homes. She highly respects the elderly and have always enjoyed volunteering her time to be a friend and helping hand for them.


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Rachel became an Athlete with Courtney at the beginning of 2019. She’s transformed her body and mind in so many ways since then and found her passion in helping others transform their physical and mental fitness.


Rachel dedicates herself to helping women love themselves better in body and spirit. She’s incredibly involved in the mindset development aspect of personal growth and applies her knowledge to clients when it comes to their relationship with their bodies, through food and fitness. She brings an incredible amount of experience, mindset and genuine care to our team. Her coaching superpower (which we love!) is building confidence and helping people realize their strengths and self love.


Rachel sees herself as a coach for the long term and through her continued learning she’s able to grow with clients as they evolve through their changing seasons of life.


Certifications: NASM CPT, PN Level 1, NLP Practitioner, Hypnosis Certification (working on Board Certified Hypnotherapist); to be completed in 2022: Time Techniques, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Certified Life & Success Coach


Fun bit about Rachel:


She spontaneously married her husband on a road trip! She hiked from Yosemite Valley in California to Southern Lake Tahoe in 8 days.


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