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Now you can train with Courtney anywhere!
Join the CFL training app and follow a training program that builds your masterpiece!


Now you can train with Courtney anywhere, focusing on the muscle groups you need.

Hey – Coach Courtney here! Sure this is ‘another fitness app,’ but it’s me as your coach, communicating with you in this app, and it’s my style of training and coaching. You get to connect with me in the community chat (as well as other app members!) You get to follow programs that I have personally created, align with, and that are similar to what I would provide for many of my clients who have seen phenomenal success.


Want a full body routine that ensures you progress weekly? That's my BUILD program.

Want to build your strength in 6 big compound movements? We can get STRONG together!

Want juicier glutes? You know I’ve got the GLUTES gains for ya.

Want to do it all in a shorter amount of time? We can make this EXPRESS.


This app has been over a year in the making, going back and forth on what I want to offer that’s going to help YOU! I got your feedback, I had some of my clients as my beta testers to ensure this was amazing, and it’s ready for you. See all the perks and features of this app – below!


IMPORTANT: these are NOT magical programs.

It’s all about the energy, intention and effort you bring into each workout session. You need to push yourself, to challenge yourself, to give it your all and then progress the following week. These aren’t easy programs if you do them properly.

These ARE programs that can encourage better habits, routine and a stronger self (physically and mentally.)

I’m here with you throughout this journey; I’m in the community chat thread to ensure you are progressing!



Program Variety

  • Access to all available programs (all written by Courtney)

  • 4-5 sessions/week, 60-80 minutes

  • Including progressive overload protocols to progress consistently

  • Follow each routine (same exercises) for 4 weeks, then progress to next level within the same program (style) - or shift focuses - the choice is yours!

  • Suitable for all levels (remember: it's the effort/intensity YOU bring to your workouts!

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