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Level up your life

Develop a stronger relationship with food that supports a vibrant life and enjoyment. Be strong and feminine. Improve your lifestyle habits that encourage your best life, confidently.


Our purpose at Courtney For Life (CFL Coaching) is to help women discover what's possible in their their lives and their bodies. We are here to elevate their way of life through education and guidance on nutrition, resistance training, and a healthy mindset.


Courtney and our team of coaches all align with these core beliefs and values..


Integrity: to tell the truth to our clients, to truly believe in all the products and services on our team, to practice what we preach

Respect: to acknowledge non-disclosure and confidentiality with clients, to only speak highly of each and every client

Commitment: to stay committed throughout the coaching terms and relationship with clients, to not give up because of difficulties



Learn to break from old and unsustainable habits like yo-yo dieting and restrictions and develop a more wholesome relationship with food that supports your goal body composition. Flexible options for your lifestyle, needs and goals.


Understand your body and build your confidence with resistance training. Learn the empowerment that the iron can provide. Custom programming that adds to your busy schedule, not hinders it.
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